Boxing is one of the most entertaining sports. With its loyal fan base continuing to increase by the day, it is no wonder boxing federations and other related bodies are organizing more boxing tournaments.

In this article, we will list the top boxers who gave (or are giving) outstanding performances in the ring, winning the hearts of their fans. These are renowned names in the boxing industry, whose careers are celebrated and featured in top sporting news websites, including

Without further ado, here is the pick of the top boxers of all time, in no particular order.

1.       Muhammad Ali


The late Muhammad Ali is one of the most celebrated and highly decorated American boxers. Nicknamed The People’s Champion and Greatest, the multi-champion started his boxing career at 12 years, winning his first light heavyweight championship six years later.

During his career as a professional boxer, Ali participated in 61 fights, where he only lost 5 of them. He portrayed exceptional performance, winning 37 times on knockouts. Ali retired in 1981 but his legacy lived on in Leila Ali, his daughter, who also had a successful professional boxing career.

2.       Mike Tyson

Nicknamed The Baldest Man on the Planet and Iron Mike, Tyson is another notable celebrity in the boxing world. Kick starting his successful career as a boxer at an early age, Tyson still holds the title of the Youngest boxer ever to win the heavyweight title. He further established his authority in the boxing arena when he retained his heavyweight championship title from 1987-1990, undisputed.

As an amateur boxer, Tyson won various medals, including gold medals in the Junior Olympic Games for two consecutive years – This was in 1981 and 1982.

Despite being a controversial boxer, he has only lost six fights out of a total of 58, 44 of which were knockouts. As a result, he has been featured twice in the Ring magazine Fighter of the Year.

3.       Sugar Ray Robinson

Getting into professional boxing between 1940 and 1965, Sugar Ray Robinson, officially known as Walker Smith Jr, is one of the most prominent boxers of all time.

Being a competitive boxer with great technique, Sugar Ray won many titles, including the world welterweight, middleweight, and divisional world championships. He is a decorated professional boxer, crowned Fighter of the Year two times and inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

As a professional boxer, Sugar Ray won 174 fights out of a possible 201, of which 109 of these fights he knocked out his opponents. He is much respected for holding on to the world welterweight championship title for five consecutive years, also winning the world middleweight championship within the period.

4.       Joe Louis

Joe Louis is one of the oldest and influential names in boxing history. Starting his career as a professional boxer in 1934, Louis is popularly celebrated for retaining the world heavyweight championship title for 12 consecutive years – from 1937 to 1949 – where he decided to take a temporary break from boxing. He has been featured in world record books, being the longest boxing champion in history.

As an amateur boxer, Joe Louis still won various tournaments, proving that he was destined for greatness. Before transitioning into a professional boxer, his record was 50-4, winning 43 times by knockout.

His greatness only continued to grow even after joining professional boxing. Out of the 69 professional fights he graced, he only lost 3, winning an impressive 52 times by knockout.

5.       Manny Pacquiao

If you are looking for a decorated professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao is exactly who you need.

Pacquiao, nicknamed Packman by his avid fans, has won major boxing championship titles, making history in the process. He is celebrated for being the first boxer to take home world championship titles across eight different weight classes. He has also won the lineal championships in an impressive five weight divisions.

These are not his only achievements. Pacquiao is the only boxer who has been a competitive boxer across four decades, starting in the 1990s and recently in August 2021. Moreover, he is still an active professional boxer, despite trying a career in the entertainment industry as a musician and now being a politician.

By winning 62 out of 72 fights, with 39 of these victories being knockouts, Pacquiao remains to date a legendary boxer and one of the most successful, for that matter.

6.       Floyd Mayweather


Born in 1977, Mayweather is one of the most celebrated retired boxers of all time. The 44-year-old was a professional boxer for close to two decades. During this time, he won a myriad of world boxing championship titles, including light middleweight, welterweight, and super featherweight.

The love from his fans was undeniable going ahead to nickname him Pretty Boy, The Best Ever (TBE), and not surprisingly, Money since he has had a lucrative career as a boxer. According to Sports Illustrated, Mayweather is one of the top riches athletes in the history of sports.

Even during his years as an amateur boxer, Mayweather went ahead to win various tournaments and championships.

Mayweather gave a good show until his retirement. In his time as a professional boxer, he won all his 50 fights, being victorious through knockout 27 times. His talent as well as his successful career, earned him the title Fighter of the Decade. His boxing technique also led people to label him the best defensiveboxer of all time.

Simply put, Mayweather had a very successful career winning a whooping 26 times consecutively while boxing for world championship titles. He left active boxing in 2015 to become a professional boxing promoter, undefeated.


There you have it! Our top six boxers of all time. This list has notable omissions, including Julio Cesar Chavez, Archie Moore, Bernard Hopkins, and Oscar de la Hoya. These were all talented boxers who gave a good show and whose legacies will live on.

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