Why Tren? Tren is very good at fat loss and building muscle and one can get 100% gain in muscle tissue with proper doses of Tren. It helps in appetite, muscle growth and also enhances performance. Now generate a new credit and debit card with your BIN using this Namso Ccgen Credit Card Generator. Tren is very effective but also comes with some side effects. It is mostly preferred by experienced body builders. It is one steroid that is mostly preferred for amazing muscle size and strength and can be used both in bulking and cutting cycles.

Tren only cycle:

Tren is a harsh steroid and hence it is important to know how to perfectly dose both types of Tren. Like we discussed above, both types of Tren give same results and so you can use them in bulking or cutting cycles. With Tren, one notices increased nitrogen retention and improved protein synthesis which is great for muscle building.Tren is used in same doses in all the cycles and in case where there is a difference it could be due to any potential risks.

There are many who take up Tren and Sustanon only cycle for increased muscle mass. Many also don’t recommend Tren only cycle but it is better to use one Tren form to get better results.

A Tren only cycle is usually for 8 weeks and can be extended to 12 weeks for the experienced body builders who seek more advanced benefits. You should start with a low dose if you are beginner and avoid increasing the dose even if there is no side effect noticed. And its better for the beginners to take the acetate form(pill) of Tren rather than Enanthate (injection) as it may cause side effects that will last for weeks and also that you may not be able to tolerate the injection. So, you can take 50mg of Tren every day or on alternative days. Rather than increasing the dose, you should increase the number of days and then slowly get it to taking Tren every day.Beginners should avoid injections of Tren.

Though 50mg looks to be a smaller dose, it works well for many men. 50mg is also a dose that can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles. If you are experienced steroid user, you may increase it to 75 mg or even 100mg on every alternate day.

While using Tren Enanthate, you can stake it with testosterone to increase the results and it will also help in reducing some side effects like erectile dysfunction and decrease in libido or sex drive.

Results from Tren

Tren Enanthate has better results when compared to Acetate. It works by increasing the absorption of nutrients from your diet that helps to build muscles. Apart from that one can notice great results in fat loss also. Body builders love Tren due to the speed in which transforms the physique into a stronger one.

When used in bulking cycle, it adds good mass to your muscle and also helps in accumulation of more fat in the body.

While using in cutting cycle, it increases both muscle and strength while maintaining your body weight.

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