There sure have been a lot of superhero films lately. If you paid attention, you’ll probably notice how the age of muscle bound men and women are here. They may look silly wearing tights, but with muscles like those who wouldn’t want to wear body-hugging armor? It’s an impossible look to pull off in the real world but you kind of want to do. Ok, so you can make do without their glorified onesies but what you really want is a bigger and harder body. Who can blame you? A muscular and fitter figure is what most people idolize. People celebrate those who manage to lose the fat and gain the muscle. They’re the picture of health. But, you can be too.

Diet is King


They say abs is made in the kitchen. Surprising, right? You’d think they’re made with thousands upon thousands of crunches Well, yeah doing crunches until you lose count helps. But, it doesn’t matter unless you fix what you’re eating. It kind of makes sense. If you’re chowing down on burgers and pizza all the time, no matter how many sit-ups you do there will still be fat. It’s not just for abs but for your other body parts too. If you want to get big the right way then you’ve got to eat clean. This means no foods heavy in fat or oil (although you probably knew that already). And you thought getting into superhero shape was easy.


Make the Gym Your Second Home


Where do you think Captain America spends his time after fighting all those baddies? If you’re thinking the pool then you’d have to guess again. He’s pumping iron and maintains his shape in the good old gym. He’s there so many times it’s probably where he sleeps! You need to have the same attitude. Maybe not the actual sleeping in the gym part but more of keeping up your dedication and motivation. It’s a simple process to get big. Eat right and exercise. But, simple doesn’t mean easy. Consistency is key since you need to maintain whatever muscle you gain. The moment you take a long break from the gym is the moment you start to get lazy and complacent.

Be Steady with the Supplements


It’s no surprise that bodybuilders load up on supplements. You probably wouldn’t be shocked to see whey protein stocked up in Ironman’s pantry. It’s pretty normal since everyone needs a bit of help in enhancing their frame. Unfortunately, some supplements lead to fat gain. You may not know this but certain steroids can give you fat as well as muscle. These weight gainer steroids change your body’s natural metabolism and its ability to store fat. That’s why a lot of bodybuilders who overdo the steroids look bloated. Do it the right way. If you make the decision to take it then consult a physical trainer or nutritionist you respect on how to do it. You want to be a superhero after all, not a bloated bodybuilder.


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