Some weight loss pills that have been prescribed for years, but after many years of use have proven to be safe and effective, so they are converted to over the counter. We now have more than 700 OTC drugs on the market.

In many countries, OTC diet pills are controlled by a regulatory agency to ensure safe and effective use without doctor’s supervision (such as the FDA in the US). According to regulations, during the time of 3-5 years, if the medication proves to be safe for users then it is allowed to convert to OTC.

After choosing an OTC weight loss product, you need to know some necessary notes before use. Keep scrolling to get more details.

How to Use Over The Counter Diet Pills Safely and Effectively?

1.     Read labels carefully

This is a very important requirement, but not everyone is aware of it. If you always remember the doctor’s words, then for no reason you do not carefully read the drug labels before using. Because to understand a kind of diet pills, there is no better way than to read the information about it

As a rule, all necessary information on the weight loss pills box must be presented in the most visible position; and the words must be easy to understand. The main information on the drug label includes:

  • Active Ingredients: These are the therapeutic substances of the drug. These substances are specified content.
  • Indication: The drug is used for which disease or what treatment for the symptoms. For example muscle gain, appetite suppressant, …
  • Note: Product interactions or side effects may occur, when to stop the drug, who can use this drug, how to use if pregnant or breastfeeding, keep out of reach of children, …
  • Expiry date or best-before date.

2.     Interactions

  • – The interaction between the two drugs is likely to occur, leading to undesirable effects, reduced or increased activity of them. Therefore, when using over the counter diet pills similar to phentermine, you need to be aware of this. Even some products can interact with food and drinks.
  • – Sometimes manufacturers may change or add to some other substance in the ingredient or provide more information about the supplement, so it’s best to read carefully the label contained in the box when using.
  • – Although most of the drugs passing through breast milk are very low concentrations, less cause adverse effects for children. But it is best to consult with a doctor or pharmacist before using to get the lowest dose, which will help to minimize the amount of medication passed to your child.

3.     Other notes

  • Do not use more doses than recommended in the directions.
  • Every time you buy diet pills, even though it’s a familiar one, you must read all the information carefully to avoid the manufacturer giving out a product with the same name, but there’s a new substance in the ingredients that are not suitable for you.
  • Finally, if you have taken even the best OTC appetite suppressant but still not reduce any pound, you must see a doctor to have the appropriate indication.


Although OTC diet pills do not require the doctor’s prescription, the users of these products should be cautious and consult with the physician or pharmacist if you’re suffering from chronic disease or using certain medicine to avoid possible harm.

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