Company Formation in Dubai

You may be interested in forming a company in Dubai. Virtuzone is there to assist you with in excess of forty UAE free zones. There is a lot of information you will need to take time to review and there is so much to consider. When you think about a company formation in Dubai you must carefully consider the specific requirements for your business, your business type, your price, the location, office options, flexi-desk, share capital requirements, bookkeeping, auditing and so much more. You need a team with experience and expertise to take you through the process one step at a time. A team to ensure you proceed in the right direction, save as much money as possible and make certain your experience is free of stress.

The Advantages

The main advantage the free zones offer is you can retain 100 percent of your business because you are a foreign investor. You do not need to have a local partner. Individuals outside the free zones who are not a resident of the United Arab Emirates are not allowed to own the majority stake in their businesses if an industrial or commercial license is required. Their setup has to include a local partner entitled to a minimum ownership of 51 percent. The numerous advantages of forming a company in Dubai also include no custom duties being levied on your exports or imports, the ability to repatriate all the profits earned by your business and a zero percent income and corporate tax rate. You may additionally want to consider the fantastic opportunities offered by the sector specific free zones. This means as an entrepreneur you can access all the expertise, experience and knowledge of the other entrepreneurs in your field.

The Process

When your UAE setup partner is Virtuzone you are guided one step at a time through the set up process. You will have a full understanding of the overview, know exactly where you are on the path to completion and the entire process is transparent. All the heavy work is done for you so there is no reason to give a second thought to anything. You will be extremely well informed throughout the entire process. Virtuzone can complete the process in as little as just seven working days. They are accomplishing a lot behind the scenes because they want your setup with the UAE free zone to be successful. The key steps are detailed below.

Step 1

This is where you decide your business activity. You will have help with your visa requirements and understand the complete cost for your package. This enables you to select the package best suiting the needs of your business.

Step 2

The name of your company will be finalized and cleared for registration. If there are any issues you will receive the help necessary to choose a suitable alternative.

Step 3

All your incorporation paperwork will be finalized. Prior to your license process required by the government all your registration paperwork will be finalized.

Step 4

You will receive the notification for your license. The original corporate documents can be picked up quickly because you will be contacted immediately once your company license has been received.

Step 5

At this point you will have all the necessary paperwork to open a corporate bank account. You can request an introduction to a specialist advisor located in many of the main banks. This will make opening your account even easier.

Step 6

Once your visa trade license package has been selected your immigration card application process will begin through the immigration authority to process your business.

Step 7

If you need a visa you will be guided throughout the process.

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