Two of the most commonly used BaaS services have been firebase and Heroku for a very long time now. these services have stood the test of time and they have been able to offer convenience to their consumers in the best way possible. People have been able to develop millions of mobile applications and web applications through these platforms.

The never-ending question is which is the one that is going to be the most suitable for you and this is dependent on a variety of things. you need to compare everything about them and then you should consider the things that you are looking for and based on that you will be able to make an informed decision about which is the best service for you. You need to differentiate firebase vs Heroku so that you can choose the one for your application needs.

For Heroku, there are a lot of things like multiple SQL databases that they are offering readily but you will not be able to find them in a popularly used service like Firebase. This creates a huge difference because, for a lot of people, the database might hold the deciding importance when it comes to choosing the right service for them.

In the case of firebase, it bears no cost up to a limit where you are only paying for the kind of resources that you are using when you are developing an application for yourself. Heroku is paid in comparison. This can be a deciding factor as well based on the kind of budget that a person or a business might have. firebase might not offer multiple databases and have some restrictions as well but it is still the resource that is available at no cost and a person just starting in this area of work might go for it.

When it comes to Heroku, the use of cost-friendly services might be on the high because even though Heroku is offering free SSL to the users, the other things on the platform are very cost-intensive which might be the dominant factor for people who are not willing to spend a fortune just to be able to create web applications and mobile applications.

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