Pregnancy Pilates are growing in popularity because pregnant mothers across the globe are realising the benefits of this excellent exercise. By doing proper clinical pilates during the pregnancy period, mothers can not only stay healthy and fit but also relaxed. Experts in the field state that pilates give a strong core to pregnant mothers and improve their flexibility. For pregnant mothers, core strengthening is important as it helps them support their posture during the pregnancy period and helps improve coordination. The following are some of the benefits that Clinical Pilates can give pregnant mothers.

Posture Management

Pregnant mothers need to keep an eye on their posture as bad posture can result in back pain and pelvic pain, especially during the stages where the child is growing. By doing pregnancy pilates in the early stages, they can strengthen their lower abdominal muscles and improve their posture significantly. This eliminates the risk of increased back pains even when you are in the latter stages of pregnancy.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

During pregnancy, there is a chance for the pelvic floor muscles to weaken either due to the weight of the child or due to hormonal changes. Clinical pilates can help keep the pelvic floor muscles strong and help improve bladder and bowel movements significantly.

Breathing Control

Some pregnant mothers experience laboured breathing and other breathing problems due to stress or weakness. Pregnancy Pilates can help them control their breathing and maintain a regular breathing pattern during their pregnancy period. In addition, breathing control will also greatly help during labour.

Weight Maintenance

Since most pregnant mothers have limited mobility during the pregnancy period, they might struggle to maintain their weight. Clinical pilates can help maintain their weight during this period, and eventually help them prepare for childbirth. Moreover, pilates can help mothers reduce weight gained during pregnancy.

Flexibility and Mobility

Maintaining flexibility and mobility is important during the pregnancy period. With the help of proper pregnancy pilates, you can maintain your flexibility and mobility during this period. This will enable you to perform your physical activities more easily as you approach childbirth. In fact, pilates is one of the best risk-free exercises to maintain mobility during the pregnancy period.


For many new mothers, pregnancy is a stressful period of time. It is important to maintain mental and physical relaxation during this period. Pregnancy Pilates can be used to relax you during pregnancy. It is an activity that has a proven track record for relaxation.

 With these benefits, it is clear that clinical Pilates are greatly beneficial for pregnant mothers. If you are a pregnant mother looking to improve mobility and strength, maintain weight or just looking to relax, then Pilates will greatly aid you. However, it is important to do thorough research and learn whether the pilates classes are provided by a reputable physiotherapist before you decide to choose. If you are a pregnant mother in Australia, you can check out Propel Physiotherapy’s pregnancy pilates classes. Started by experienced physiotherapists, they are highly capable of offering personalised pilates lessons to you.

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