When hosting an exhibition booth, it can be beneficial to host games for guests. Visitors will be enticed to come to your Singapore booth when you have a game in place. From yells of excitement to the big crowd drawn to your booth, you are sure to see visitors lining up to see just what you have to offer as well as to take part in the game.

Hosting games within your exhibition booth will get people talking about your booth as well as interested in your products. Hire a beautiful hostess from an events company to control the game and a designer to determine the configuration of the game and furnishings. Your booth builder will be able to layout the frame of your shell scheme to position your booth perfectly to host games or interactive experiences. Below are a few examples you can try.

Spin the Wheel

Spin the wheel is a simple game that can easily bring in the crowd. Have a builder design a wheel with spokes and place prizes on each area between the spokes. Provide an events company hostess to help guests spin the wheel to see just what they have won. Offer services, coupons and more based on your specific business. A designer can help you to integrate this game into your booth.Image result for The 5 Most Creative Exhibition Booth Games for Visitors


Darts are an exciting way to get the crowd interested in your business. Use a dart board or colorful balloons to play the game, providing a prize based on the balloon popped or area hit on the dart board. Your Singapore exhibition booth builder will be able to create an area for this game to take place. Have a designer help you to figure out the dart game configuration.

Minute to Win It

Based on the fun game show, Minute to Win It is a unique way to integrate games in your exhibition booth during a Singapore show. Use an attractive hostess hired by an events company to be the voice behind the game. Minute to Win It games can vary from throwing ping pong balls into cups to cup stacking. You can cater the game to your specific business, giving players only one minute to complete a difficult task. A builder can assist with setting up this game while a designer can help to make the area look its very best.

Match Game

Match games are always fun and your business can easily add one to your exhibition booth. Set up cards that your hostess from a Singapore events company will turn over as guests try to make matches. Make cards based on your logo, products or services to help players get to know just what you offer.

Associated with Products

Think of ways you can create games for your booth by associating games with your products or services. Consult with a designer to be able to come up with unique ideas based on the theme of your booth. Also consult with a builder on how to construct the booth and any items needed for the game.


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