The application of video conferencing

Since the video conferencing system is gradually used between the various enterprises, most of the scope of use for enterprises and enterprises linked to the enterprise within the multi-point meetings and education and training, for now, there is a large demand for video applications include :

Remote business conference application – the most widely used video services, the most widely used for some large group companies, foreign-owned enterprises in the case of business activities soared, and gradually use the video conference to organize part of the business negotiations, business management, business negotiations, Product demonstrations, remote service guidance, and remote company internal meetings.

Distance education applications – the use of video conferencing to carry out teaching activities to enable more and more students to listen to the teaching of excellent teachers, millions of students through interactive video conferencing system for education. In addition, remote training in the major enterprises are more and more attention. Video conferencing system

Telemedicine applications – the use of video services to achieve the central hospital and primary hospitals on difficult illnesses for consultation, to guide the treatment and care, medical training of primary medical personnel and so on. High-quality video services make it possible for doctors and nurses to work together in different places. Telemedicine for some small and medium-sized hospitals have important significance, you can get a large hospital medical experts consultation and consultation.

Project collaborative application – is also a very good tool for remote project management, highlighting the characteristics of resource sharing. Members of the project team can collaborate remotely to geographically separate working groups organized electronically at higher rates and flexibility.

The application of the Executive Council – China has a vast territory, frequent meetings of government at all levels, video conferencing system is a modern meeting convened how fast the province of the method, it can make the contents of the file immediately issued, so that subordinate participants Face to face to discuss and profound understanding of the superior spirit, so that the instructions in time to be implemented.

Video conferencing makes people in different places interact – whether they are 10 minutes or 10 hours of travel. It can make people in the same room as the exchange of ideas, exchange of information. This means that people do not have to wait for E-mail, fax or courier work time. In short, video conferencing makes people “sit” together.

Video conferencing has three benefits. The benefits of “tangible” can be measured, but the benefits of “invisible” and “strategy” are difficult to measure. They must be included in the integrated analytics firm in video conferencing investment costs and benefits.

Tangible benefits

Reduce spending due to business travel, accommodation, entertainment and other expenses, spend less time on travel, and more time in the production work, so as to improve productivity; make full use of resources; key figures, information becomes more accessible.

Intangible benefits

People get together more frequently, communicate fluently, and share information more effectively, make decisions faster; make it easier to get close to key people and make uploads more open. Good working environment; no car or aircraft jet out of the gas poisoning and reduce the war, illness and other personal injury.

Strategic benefits

Decision-making will be faster, more optimized, and there are more participants in the views and approval; no matter where and where the supervisors can be in a short time to convene a decision to get more advice, so you can make the product more Quickly put into the market and faster crisis processing; because the company becomes more efficient operation, it will get more customer feedback and customer needs to make a more effective answer.

From the different video applications, as well as the trend of upgrading technology, video conferencing products began to become the necessary office equipment, not only can improve the efficiency of enterprise office, but also for enterprises to improve service performance, especially in the twenty-first century International, scientific and technological development to accelerate the construction of video conferencing systems is an indispensable link in the construction of enterprise information.

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