Amongst the most prevalent of retina problems seen are with the older generation as it is easier for a retina to become detached the older one is. There are many actions one can take as they grow older that can help any problems that may occur with the retinas. Diet is one of the main problems and can influence your retina conditions says Dr Thomas Shane of Retina Care Consultants P.A. Dr Thomas Shane is a Vitreoretinal surgeon and his practice serves the area of Bradenton and also Sarasota in Florida.

Many patients think they are becoming blind when a detached retina occurs. Indeed, if they do not have it attended to speedily this can well be the end result.  Dr Shane is in practice to specifically examine all aspects of the eye whilst being a retina specialist he would diagnose any disease, including vitreous disease with a detailed eye examination. Dr Shane is a vitreoretinal surgeon. Another aspect of the ophthalmologist is to check for cataracts in the eye, basically a clumping of protein can become larger over time. They say time heals all things however, age is against you as far as the eyes go. The older we get a clouding of the lens takes place known as cataracts. They can affect the picture presented to the back of the eye which Dr Shane will tell you is a window to the soul. If retinal detachment is advanced, it will make the picture received by the retina somewhat less sharp. There is a twofold problem with cataracts. The cloudier the lens becomes; the less light is received by the retina and therefore we cannot see so well. Images become blurry and bright lights such as car headlights when driving at night, seem starry and dazzle the eye

Luckily for us there are doctors such as Dr Shane whose lifelong work is to ensure the care of the eyes.A detached retina, which has pulled away from the soft tissue behind the eye, needs attention and luckily again, this procedure is carried out on a daily basis all over the world. Dr Shane will tell you that the eye has the final decision on what is presented to the brain and therefore the eye must be 100% correct in its retinal scan as possible. The retina can also be affected by various injuries to the body also age related macular degeneration. It is possible to diagnose some unrevealed illness or malfunction of a part of the body by examining the retina.

It is a good practice to have an eye check-up once a year to ensure the eyes are free from problems. A visit to a normal eye specialist today with their latest equipment can reveal any eye problems that might be present. A photograph of the back of the eye taken by an eye specialist can reveal problems. If there are problems and the treatments persist, it is a good idea to visit an ophthalmic surgeon to be on the safe side. For those close to Dr Shane’s practice he is situated at #201 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Florida 34239 and also in downtown Sarasota at 2401 University Parkway, Suite #205, Florida 34243. University Parkway leads to the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, a few blocks away.

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