The Samsung Galaxy S8+ the latest launch of the Korean firm. We tested all its features and new features like the Bixby assistant, DeX device, iris recognition and unveiled all the secrets of Samsung’s new mobile. For the next year, the company Samsung has to compete with many rivals – iPhone 8, Huawei, G7; the company is deliberately focusing on this upcoming device Galaxy S9 and it is anticipated that the device Galaxy S9 will hit the market with an edge-to-edge stunning AMOLED display having 4K resolution. Even in screen off mode, device G9 will show some useful info about time, weather, and messages.

It is a fact that the renewal of top model of Samsung range is always a special event. After a saga of fiery models, with the unforgettable Galaxy S as its origin and the other evolutions (S2, S3, S4, S5, and S6) as allies, the company has created a product line that is the only one today looks from you to you with the iPhone. According to the Korean publications, the next beast of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to launch at the end of March, bringing amazing meticulous speculations – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC powered by 7nm FinFET technology and the best thing would be that the screen will be devoid of any physical Home button, protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

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There is no denying that it is one of the star points of the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. It is a design, the curved screen on the sides, launched on the S6 Edge, inherited in the S7 Edge and reaches its maximum development in the model at hand. Basically, it is a question of taking the screen even more to the extreme, in fact the signature calls it now “infinite”, since we lose, on the one hand, the mechanical center button by a touch sensor that scrolls the bottom of the screen and thus makes appear The relevant buttons when necessary. Also, in the case of forthcoming Galaxy S9, the company is working deliberately for its appearance, its display to make the customers magnetize. It is expected that the stunning AMOLED Infinity display of upcoming champ Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will be innovatively cherished with a lovely size of 5.8” and 6.2” respectively and with the fingerprint sensor located on the backside.

At the top of the screen in Galaxy S8, the camera, sensors, iris scanner and other three components are reduced to the maximum to expand the screen. With the data in hand and leaving aside the dimensions that we will analyze later, it can be said that the S8 is the Edge model that has won more screen with respect to its predecessors. From the aesthetic point of view, it is obvious that the Samsung Galaxy S8 + has a look that few models can offer. It is different and original. In addition, the curvature makes picking it much easier and pleasant; it is undeniable that it brings ergonomics. All these technologies – iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, latest processor, would work quicker and even work for long hours with the powerful Non-removal Li-Ion 4500mAh battery capacity which will last for more than two days without getting much heated too early and processor Snapdragon 845 SoC (30% faster and efficient than Snapdragon 835SoC) of Galaxy S9.


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