Assuming, lots of gardeners, both experienced and novice, the dream of purchasing an instrument that would diminish a number of applied efforts and raise the working efficiency at the same time. This is relevant because quite a part of household owners still adhere to using the traditional gardening tools like fork and shovel. For them switching to the new types of products is a complex and sometimes even inappropriate task due to a number of habits, developed over the long years of practice. And, naturally, to start using something entirely innovative, they first need to find good reasons to skip things they all got accustomed to. Yet, there’s high level of probability they will just do so after reading this article.

Broadfork and the benefits it carries to you and your garden

When comparing a broadfork to the instruments of common use, there’s one word to describe the very essence of a tool – convenience. Naturally, one can hardly find a more versatile and easy-to-handle device that is both sturdy and requires no special efforts to operate. As seen from the picture, the unique design features allow you to use your own weight as the major source of power. You don’t have to lift the fork or overturn it to achieve the soil aerating effect. Everything is done with the help of the adjustable tines that can be set on practically all types of soil either we speak of weeding or garden area softening.

Speaking of the tines, their length is just enough to dig some 12 inches deep and extract nearly all the roots from beneath the working area. In what refers to eliminating the weeds, the product finds no match among the ‘human-driven’ sorts of garden tools. Same goes to ground loosening. Unlike a generally known and accepted shovel, the device leaves no clods that require additional efforts to be broken. All in all, it is a durable and user-friendly piece of equipment. In order to get some detailed information regarding the product, one can just read the broadforks review and fill up the gaps that might still be left.

Nut gatherer – take rest while picking the nuts from your lawn

Another great invention is a nut gatherer or a nut picker, as some people choose to call it. This unique device is constructed to relieve you of the need to bend over and pick every particular nut that falls from a tree. Instead of doing that time-taking kind of job you simply roll the appliance and gather all the lying nuts in a cage, made of metal wires. For you to know the product’s peculiarities and working principles, it is highly recommended to study the review on Garden Weasel nut gatherer and see all of its beneficial features. One of those is effortless kind of activity. You can just do the work while you’re talking with the neighbors or playing with children. The latter, in fact, will find such an activity very engaging and will, no doubt, express the desire to help you. Thus, you as a father will get a brilliant chance to start teaching your kids to work around the garden.

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