Meta tags are text that is not just visible to a website visitor but also searches engine algorithms. These are typically displayed as a caption of your website on SERPs. Although people often overlook this aspect, it has a direct impact on your ranking. 

Some expert SEO services in Gold Coast emphasize a lot more on meta tags while preparing an SEO strategy. So, to help you out with the same, we have come up with certain meta tags that can help you improve your website SEO.

Title tags

Title tags are the leading and most vital anchor to stay grounded. These generally appear as clickable headlines on the SERPs, social media networks, and browsers tab header. 

This provides an overview of your content. Here is how you can write title tags

  • Keep it precise and relevant. 
  • Include words that indicate what your content is all about 
  • Try to formulate a title tag that starts with your targeted keyword
  • Try to use long-tail keywords or keywords with 4+ words, as they are more valuable. 

Meta narrative tags

Meta narrative tags are the short descriptions that you see below the title tags on SERPs. Though they don’t directly impact search result ranking, for someone who wants to polish their brand SERPs, it’s a unique opportunity. 

Every leading SEO company tends to focus on this aspect to polish the brand’s name. 

Here are some tips for writing effective description tags

  • Make sure your description is fresh and unique and a copy of other meta description
  • Describe the offers or discounts you are providing
  • Make sure to induce your targeted keywords
  • You can add a clear call to action (CTA) in them like “apply today” or “check out this”, etc. 

Image alt text tag

Alt text tags are an essential part of on-page SEO. These help the search engine interpret the image. 

Since images are an essential part of a website, and search engine crawlers can’t see them, providing alt text tabs becomes crucial. This helps search engines to understand what your image is all about, which ultimately affects your rank. 

Here are some tips to provide image alt text tag

  • Use proper description and avoid stuffing of irrelevant keywords
  • Use informative file titles
  • Keep your file size in check so that load speed isn’t affected while also maintain the image quality

Although image alt text tags aren’t that difficult to curate, taking the help of experts can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and save time. 

Robot meta tag

Robot meta tags are pretty important. They tell the search engines to index or non-index your web pages. 

The robot meta tag has four central values for the search engine crawlers


Here are some tips to provide robot meta tag

  • Place robot meta tag in the head section of your webpage
  • Make sure you carefully carry out the process and do not mistakenly restrict important page indexing
  • Close pages that unreasonably increase crawl budget

Since robot meta tags are considered one of the most important tags, hiring expert SEO services is advisable. 


Optimum usage of meta tags is a great way to improve your on-page SEO. Analyzing and enhancing these tags isn’t that difficult. It is always best to contact and hire an expert SEO services in Gold Coast for help.

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