Unlike cats who are carnivores, dogs are omnivores which means that can eat a mix of meals including vegetable and meat. People wonder what to serve their dog due to so many options and it often becomes confusing between choosing the meal. Have you ever considered feeding your dog celery? Before feeding anything, you will need advice. While celery is perfect for humans, is it suitable for dogs too? Let us take a closer look

Benefits of Celery for Dogs

Celery can be the healthiest food your dog can find in the form of treats. This delicious meal has a lot of nutrition all of which will help in the well-being of your dog. The meal is high in fibre and low in fat thus will also help in keeping your dog fit. If you are trying weight loss for your dog this can be the healthiest meal. Find a Top-Notch Pet Food Online store near you. 

There are many other health benefits of celery we will cover a few below

Breath Freshener: You will know how better your dog’s breath become once you serve them parsley. The same goes with celery, there is no turning back to bad breath once you start serving your pet celery. 

Improvement in Blood Pressure: Celery is known to regulate blood pressure. It is not only us going through the blood pressure problem, but dogs can have it unsaid ways too. Thus celery can help regulate that. You can now find Standard Book vet on-call service at home in the time of need. 

Improved Immune System: Celery has a high level of proteins to develop the immune system to its best and thus your dog will be at its best. 

Lower Cholesterol: With lower cholesterol cerely is like one of the foods that help keep your dog healthy. 

Dangers of Celery

Dogs are omnivorous but they are not as good at digesting vegetables and fruits. A high level of water leads to excess urination and can be problematic for the dogs too. Giving celery is fine until you give it as treats. Anything in excess is harmful to anyone. Remember your dog’s diet is supposed to be balanced and should have the right minerals. 

The conclusion is that yes dogs can eat celery. Your dog will be healthier and happier eating these foods when done in the right amounts. 

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