On the wrists, knees, neck or fingers, men’s jewelry is increasingly sought after by men. For the most stylish men this is no longer a super novelty. Lenny Kravitz is a clear example of what we are talking about. The American rapper throughout his career has always used many male accessories. Besides style, men’s jewelry also serves as personality translation. Check here for https://www.nano-jewelry.com/collections/inspirational-jewelry the most stylish and latest design men’s jewelry at affordable prices.

Gold plated clock with integrated stones 

Most men usually invest money in a powerful and branded watch. If you are one of those men, you probably have one for everyday life and another for more special occasions. Maybe even an Apple Watch if you’re the most enterprising type. The watch has the power to elevate any masculine production and make it even more charming and sophisticated. Many watches also determine a little bit about a man’s personality.

Silver or Gold Bracelets

Men’s bracelets are also on the rise. Stylists give the tip to men: do not wear any bracelet with pendants or anything too wide. Men’s bracelets should be worn tightly around the wrist and thus complement the watch. The bracelets should add to the production, but not leave it loaded. A metal bracelet is perfect from a tank top to a suit.


Not all men like to wear earrings, as they are accessories that are completely visible. In addition, there are corporate environments that do not allow the wearing of earrings by men. But if you are one of those who don’t have this kind of problem, invest in small models to make your look modern and sophisticated.


The ideal is always to use chains or necklaces that are more basic so as not to leave production over. Many men love to wear necklaces with protection medals. A thin yellow gold or silver chain is also perfect with a shirt or even a simple t-shirt.


With the exception of the wedding ring, which should always be used to represent your commitment, there are several ways to wear rings. Today the variety of male rings is quite wide. Many men like to use plain and simple models. If you are one of those guys who like to wear several rings, invest in the smallest and most basic models.


They are generally used more in corporate environments, but there are men who are fascinated by them. Some even attribute their favorite cufflink to luck. They usually use them when they close a new deal or when signing important contracts

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