Keeping kids active is a great way to ensure they’re both physically and mentally healthy. During times where playing with electronics is more desirable than playing outside, it’s more important than ever to give kids a reason to stay active. Sometimes, if the adults don’t make the effort to keep their kids busy, it’ll never happen. 

That’s why making the decision to start a kids basketball team is an excellent idea. It gives children in the neighborhood a reason to stay active and social, but it also gives you something to do as well. If you enjoy playing the game or simply love coaching, then this could be an adventure with many benefits for you also!

If you know you want to start a kids basketball league or team but aren’t sure where to begin, then continue reading below. This guide has everything you need to know about starting a basketball team for children. 

Decide If You Want to Choose an AAU Program

What long-term goals do you have in mind for yourself and the team? Do you want to create a safe place for children to go after school? Do you want to build basketball skills for high school players during the off-season? 

Do you plan on traveling with the team and competing at national events? Set goals for yourself and your team and then decide if you want to choose an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) program to register with. If you choose to do so, then you’ll create a club that can be made up of one team or several teams. 

There will be fees to do so, so be sure to plan in advance. Do keep in mind that there are several other basketball organizations you can choose from as well to help build your team. 

Begin to Build a Brand

Now you’ll want to begin building your brand. The brand is not only the basketball logo you’ll use for your team. It’s who your team is. 

Your basketball brand is what you promise to your players and parents of the players about what to expect from being on the team. What are your values? What’s your team’s mission statement?

These are some questions to start asking yourself when considering what your brand will be. The best place to start promoting your brand will be on social media. Create a social media page for your basketball team where you can then give your team or organization a name. 

Don’t worry about doing too much at first. Use this page to get your team started. You can post what your team goals are, what age groups you accept, and the tryout dates. 

Build a Roster

Let’s start building the team! You’ll need to build a roster not only for your players but for the coaches as well. Sure, you might have an idea to take it all on yourself, but realistically you’ll want a few helping hands. 

This means recruiting other adults to help you with the coaching and development of the team. You might have a few good friends that you know will help when needed, but you should make an effort to find people who have the time to commit to the team that’s required. It’s also a good idea to find people who have a passion for the sport as well.

Once you find players for your team, those players might have parents or older siblings who’d like to help out. 

To find players, know what age group you’re looking for. Then, know how many players you need for your team. You can start finding players but promoting your team on social media and recruiting your own children and their friends. 

Create a Website and a Payment Portal

Creating a website is another crucial step in forming a basketball team for kids. The process of creating a website is fairly simple, although you can always hire a web designer to help. Once you have created a website, you’ll start building credibility with the locals. 

Your website will then serve as the one place everyone can go to receive a variety of information about your team. On your website, you can post a photo of yourself and other coaches. You can also post the roster and your mission statement or values as well. 

Be sure to give parents the options to sign up as volunteers, register their children and pay fees, review schedules, and more. As time passes by, you can start posting any accomplishments your team has achieved such as won tournaments and so on. 

Find a Venue and Create a Schedule

Now it’s time to find a venue and create a schedule for your team. The schedule will include practices and games. The venue you choose will be the place where the team meets each week for practice. 

It’s important to find a basketball facility that can provide you with the space and equipment you need for your players. It’s also ideal to find a facility that also offers training programs and clinics for your players. You can read more here about finding a great facility for your team!

Are You Ready to Start a Kids Basketball Team?

Do you have what it takes to start a kids basketball team? Of course, you do! Plus, we’re here to help. 

Use all of the helpful information listed in the guide above to get started. Remember to take your time and follow all the right steps to ensure you build a reputable, safe, and fun organization.

Interested in more do-it-yourself topics? Continue to check back here regularly for more!

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