The average golf handicap for men is 14.2.

If you are a little over this and are looking to improve your game, then put down your copy of golf for dummies and take a look at some of these top tips.

Our quick guide will give you the best golf tips for beginners and help your flub shots take flight.

Read on to improve your game!

1. Improve Your Lead Hand Golf Grip

How you hold your club is everything, and holding the club from underneath will destroy your form. You should be able to hold your club in your lead hand with only the support of your index finger.

Make sure the club handle is placed so that it sits at the bottom of your index finger and running down to the heel of your palm. Practice balancing it on your index finger alone to master the grip.

2. Align Yourself To The Hole

Line up your whole body so that it faces where you want the ball to fly. This should include your head, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, and golf face. Everything should point directly towards your target, not the left or right of it.

Poor alignment will lead to bad swings and slices. Many players often forget to check and recheck the alignment before each swing. Make sure you do to get the best game.

3.  Use The Turn Swing Turn Technique

Once your alignment is correct, you need to work on your swing. Your swing should feel like a turn-shift-turn. This technique is one of the best golf tips and tricks that will improve your game.

What does that mean? Start with your back turned towards the target you club up over your shoulders. Shift your weight onto your lead leg and turn your whole body towards the target.

Practice this movement until it feels fluid and natural. This is the correct form for a perfect swing.

4. Practice At The Range

If you want to master your game, then the best way to learn golf is for beginners to spend time at the driving range. It may not be as exciting or glamorous as playing on the links, but it is necessary.

If you can not get to the range, you can find more here on how to practice when the courses are closed.

Practice your form and alignment and see your game improve.

5. Avoid Using The Driver

Just at the start! If you are a beginner, you should perfect your swing with the shorter-range clubs first. Ideally, you should not be looking to perfect your driver swing for the first year to a year and a half of playing.

Practice with the wedge until you master your swing, then graduate to using the driver. Much better to have an excellent swing with a wedge in the first instance than a terrible swing with a driver for life.

Master These Best Golf Tips For Beginners

You need to start with the basics to get good at the game. Apply these best golf tips for beginners to your regular practice and watch as your game improves over time.

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