Your bicycle probably feels invaluable to you, whether you’ve invested a small fortune in it, it’s your sole form of transportation, or it simply represents a form of escape from the grind of driving. That’s why it’s important to understand how to prevent your bike from getting stolen so you’re always taking the right steps to protect it. Here are three things you can do to help ensure that no one steals your precious wheels.

Keep It Indoors

Even though it might be inconvenient, you should make an effort to keep your bike inside your home or office whenever you’re not riding it. If you live in an apartment building it may not be much fun to lug it up several flights of stairs, but your bike will always be safer if it isn’t being left outside.

Although placing it in your garage or a storage shed is better than leaving it out in the open, these areas are prone to break-ins because of their accessibility. That being said, anything is better than inviting thieves to grab your bike by keeping it on your porch or patio.  If a detached storage space is your only option, try locking your bike to something fixed and sturdy within the structure for additional security.

Buy a High-Quality Lock

Cable locks can be simple to cut through by experienced thieves, so they should only be employed in tandem with a better-quality option. D- or U-locks, like the Sunlite bike lock, are smarter choices, as they are typically made of reinforced metal and are structurally sound enough to prevent being easily compromised.

If you’re going to be routinely securing your bike outdoors, you should consider using two or more locks at a time; this makes it harder and more time-consuming to get to your bike. The more difficult it is to free your bicycle from your locks, the more likely thieves are to pass it by in favor of an easier target.

Be Smart When You Lock It

Locking your wheels to the frame may prevent your bike from being easily ridden away, but it won’t stop a thief from grabbing it and tossing it into his or her vehicle. For adequate security, you’ll need to lock your ride to something immobile. Look for bike racks or street poles that have been cemented into the ground. If the structure you want to secure your bike to is screwed down, wiggle it a bit to be sure it’s not loose and check that the bolts are strong and tight. If the structure you’re considering isn’t solid, then move on to a better spot.

From today’s electric bikes to classic beach cruisers, no ride is immune from theft. To best safeguard your bicycle, you should make it as difficult as possible for someone to snatch it by keeping it indoors when you’re not on a ride. For proper defense when you’re on the move, hop online to shop for the best lock options to keep your bike as secure as possible.

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