Chili in Mexican food is a must have. And chili just got even better for gamblers. Inspired by the Mexican flavor, Game maker Aristocrat came up with the slots game More ChilliPokies. But of course, the game is not only for Mexicans. In fact, many players from different parts of the world have fallen in love with the chili and the sombrero man. Just a fair warning: the images in the game might make you feel hungry.

The Flavour of Mexico

Being a Mexican-inspired game, players can expect to see symbols that characterize Mexico such as Chihuahuas, the Sun, tequila and chili stands.  These icons appear on the reels. One can expect to see the renowned Mexican beaches, too and the colors white, green and red to complete the Mexican vibe of the game.


The chubby and wide-grinning Mexican man with a mustache and in a sombrero greet the players.  And he makes more appearances all throughout the course of the game. Aside from entertaining the players, the sombrero man might just be key for players to more winnings. He can even help turn a possible losing spin to a winning one.

There’s Money in the Chili

The game is a perfect fit for newbies and even high-rollers. It doesn’t cost a lot to play real money games of More Chili Slots as bets can be done even with small denominations. One can start real money games for as little as one cent, the minimum bet a player can place with the slots. Or the player can opt to play more with the maximum bet of $60.

The chili pepper is not to be ignored in this game. Seeing three of them in a single view is equivalent to ten free spins. There’s nothing ordinary about these free spins for players who had chosen the ante bet before. They would get additional five spins.


Winning with More Chili

 The game doesn’t only amuse players with its Mexican theme, it also enthralls with the ever present chance of huge wins and jackpots signified with a YEE HAW – and yee haw indeed when you see how you win more playing More ChilliPokies game lets players win. Handsomely. And winnings could be as much $4000.

Jackpots can even be multiplied by simply playing the card game with its gamble option where the mechanics are simple. Wagers only need to guess either the color or the suit of the card that’s up for revelation. Guessing the correct color will double the winning, and getting the suite right will multiply the winnings by four-fold.

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