Opioid addiction creates a barrier to making the tough decisions you need in order to access treatment for the disease. You can find an opiate rehab center in Ohio that will help you begin to pull you out of addiction and put you on the path to freedom. You don’t have to be a statistic.

Steady Increase In Opioid Addiction

A 2017 study by Blue Cross Blue Shield found that between the years 2010 and 2016 there was a 493 percent increase in opiate addiction. Opiate addiction rates continue to rise due to an increase in chronic pain conditions and the free-flying prescriptions from some medical providers. The search for pain relief is an important driving factor in the expanded use of opioids. It’s an astounding figure that shows that the trend noticed in 2015 shows no signs of slowing down.

Lagging Numbers of Those Actively Seeking Treatment

The same Blue Cross Blue Shield study showed that the rate of medical treatment sought for opioid addiction only rose by 65 percent for this same period. It demonstrates that there are many people still struggling with opioid addiction that have never reached out for help. The stigma that goes with drug addiction is responsible for driving many people into the shadows.

The Complicated Nature of Opiate Addiction

Addictions to opioids is more than a little complicated due to the widespread use of prescription painkillers. The lack of alternatives to pain management makes it difficult for people to put down the opiates. It’s no longer a disease that strikes those taking street heroin. It touches every walk of life and has dealt a hard blow to families all across the country.

Treatment Resources Versus Opioid Restrictions

Local and state governments struggle with finding the right balance of measures to take to try and bring the escalating numbers of opioid addiction down. Some places have opted to pace bigger restrictions on writing opioid prescriptions. Other areas have tried to add more funding to treatment resources for those that cannot afford drug treatment programs. Other locations try to incorporate a mix of both.

Suboxone and Methadone Addiction

The drugs suboxone and methadone are used to stage down the use of opioids. The problem is they are also addictive. It is basically trading down the addiction, although it is considered safer to have it monitored. It will still require detoxification from these opioids to become truly drug-free.

Creating a Common Enemy

One benefit to the growing battle in the opioid fight is having a common, universal enemy. It ensures there will continue to be productive dialogue and recommendations to try and tackle the epidemic-level problem. The drive to educate the public more about the dangers of opiates and the ease of addiction will prove beneficial.

Approaching the Answer

The answer to opioid addiction will never be able to be placed in one sentence. The complicated nature of the disease means it will have a many-layered answer. The expanding availability of treatment options for people is a good id3ea, no matter what area of the country. Greater accountability for the prescription writing of providers is also an important component in areas that are seeing the number of prescriptions greater than the actual population.

No Replacement for Medical Detoxification

It’s critical to get those that are suffering from opioid addiction to enter a medical detox program. Taking the stigma away from addiction and recovery is essential for this to happen. The realization that the commonly shared experience of having friends and family struggling with opioid addiction makes it a problem in which we all share the same desire for solutions.

Finding a Comprehensive Opiate Specialized Drug Treatment Center

Locating an opiate rehab center in Ohio that has a good track record for helping opioid-addicted individuals gain recovery is your first step. You can find a treatment center that works with all types of busy schedules and levels of addiction. You want a trained medical and therapeutic staff that understands the specific needs when entering recovery for opioids.

Although the numbers reflected in current opioid addiction rates and recovery seem bleak, there are ways to increase your chances of breaking out of your own personal addiction. Seek out the help you need as soon as you realize there’s a problem.

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