The popularity of plantation shutters is increasing at an alarming pace. People of all regions love these lovely window coverings. As well as being decorative, these shutters render many appealing benefits. An increase in your home value, enhanced privacy, Eco-friendly, etc. are some of the amazing perks of investing in these elegant shutters. However, picking the right kind of plantation (blinds) shutters isn’t an easy job. You need to do some homework before heading out to shop.

Tips to buy plantation shutters

Many homeowners don’t bother much when choosing plantation (blinds) shutters. They just head out to the nearest store or check the first store they find online. However, the chosen shutters may not align with your needs. If this is the case, you’ll regret your decision. So, why not avert such a situation in the first place? Here’s a handy checklist that should help you pick suitable shutters with minimum hassles.

Measure your windows

You might have a very good design in your mind. Plus, you might have set aside substantial money for your purchase. However, all of your legwork will go in vain if you don’t measure your windows. You could end up with shutters that don’t fit within the window frames. Your desire to beautify your windows elegantly can easily become a nightmarish experience.

To avoid any such situations, measure the windows properly. Jot down the dimensions on a piece of paper. Your little bit of attention will avoid hassles after making a purchase.

Decide the design

Today, plantation shutters are available in a wide assortment of designs. Whether you’ve traditionally-built windowpanes or modern ones, there are shutters to match your theme. You may also go after a contrasting theme. If you’ve light-colored windows, you may choose dark shutters and vice-versa. The choice is limitless. It all depends on your preferences.


Nobody intends to buy weak shutters that wear out quickly. However, many vendors offer inferior-quality shutters at a cheap price. If you fall prey to the cheap price, you may finish up with poorly-made shutters.

To avoid this situation, check the construction and built-quality of shutters. If the shutters are made out of strong and sturdy materials, they’re worth your attention. If not, you’re better off checking other models.

Brand name

Most buyers don’t give thought to the brand name when buying plantation shutters. They look for a quality product available at the most optimum price. However, most of these products lack longevity.

On the other hand, trusted brands offer products that last long. They check their products minutely for any defects. So, be mindful of this point and concentrate on reliable brands.


Most brands profess to offer the best shutters, such as In such a situation, the product warranty turns out to be a clear winner. If a particular product is backed by a warranty, it’s worth your attention. If not, check other models.


Obviously, you wish to buy top-class shutters at the most economical price. So, compare the rates, quality, durability, and warranty of each brand minutely. Finally, buy the best quality plantation shutters that come at an affordable price tag with a good warranty.

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