Los Angeles is an amazing place with amazing culture and unique identification. It boasts of a rich history of progressive actions. Right from the happening Central Avenue jazz scenario to the beautiful age of poetry and music, the city has its own fair share of popularity and fame and has been in the spotlight from better or worse.

But, apart from the tantalizing things, you also have an ignore side of the city which most people fail to look at. Majorly, it is the tale of its staggering environmental conditions and health issues faced by the kids. Though the place advocates for practices and legislations that improvise the public health, eradicates environmental and nuclear dangers and addresses health issues amongst kids. Recently, LA was tagged as one of the most polluted places in the state. The residents of L.A. are likely to die from diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Even the kids cannot escape getting in the trap of such deadly diseases at such an early age.

Basically, the kids of Los Angeles are facing such a terrible condition due to malnutrition and poor health. The health issue stands because of the pollution level of the city and the unhygienic conditions that prevail there. There is hardly any proper place for the people to stay. Staying in camps has been a life of hundred thousands of people there. The kids are exposed to such environmental and poor health troubles and without any awareness, they fall prey to some of the deadliest diseases. However, you could do a lot of things to raise awareness and save the kids from such ill health issues of the city:

Get rid of the lead- in the public housing, the infected soil affect the health of the residents. With lead extracted from there, a lot of health concerns can be taken care of.

Convert vacant places to healthy locations- if you could do some effort and transform an empty space to anything for the kids to play and stay, nothing could be better

Natural or toxic- when you’re going for lice removal, you have the natural as well as the chemical way. Maybe the chemical products aren’t good for your kid’s hair. However, you can also go for Los Angeles head lice removal which gives you 100% result in one or two sessions. It completely wipes out the lice from your kid’s head.

Clean the air- removing toxicity from the air is very important to get rid of diseases like asthma and bronchitis which is spreading in the kids of L.A. at a very fast speed. The residents are getting sick due to the toxics in the air.

The kids of L.A. face exposure to several types of pollution due to its close proximity to factories, industries as well as oil extraction locations which emit harmful emissions. However, with constant efforts, you can build collective power to sort these issues and enhance the health standards of the kids of Los Angeles and give them a better life.

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