Dianabol is a great steroid which has been developed in the US in the year 1950. The reason it was developed was to give cut throat competition to the Soviet athletes who showed immense performance in the field of athletics in all the championship events. This was due to the dosage of testosterone given to all the athletes from Soviet. So, to excel in the events and to get all the accolades for the country US took this step. However, it was later found out by the sporting authorities about such mal practices in the events and many players and athletes were banned during that time. But there is a catch to it as the dosage selected can help you from being caught. 10 mg per day for females can be a good dose.

Dianabol – the best in its category

Dianabol is known to be the best steroid in its category for many reasons. It has been rated as one of the most powerful and efficient steroids in the anabolic sector and is deemed to be at the top for the next century as well. It has great results on the body builders and athletes within no time as compared to other steroids. The right dosage makes a lot of impact on the results as it determines that the body can adapt the changes and show the results as soon as possible. In case if the dosage is high then it may react negatively and if it is low then there may be no changes in the body. As seen with years of consumption 10 mg per day for females can be ideal for consumption. It should be set up in the regular diet with care and the right support should be given if stacks are being used for quick results. If you are a beginner, then you need to watch out for a lot of things so that your body does not react differently. You can use it in either injections or tablets depending on your choice and preference.

The drug is easy on the body as it simply gets into the blood stream and goes out of the system by liver functioning. It does not damage the liver or any other body part in the process and still gives great results. You should get yourself tested by the medical practitioner so that the ingredients may not affect your body system in any possible manner. But there is nothing major to worry about as the body and liver functioning comes back to normal when the dosage reduces its effect. It is a great way to kick starts the cycle and gets the desired results as soon as possible. You can also keep a close watch on the dosage so that you know the results and improve them by increasing the dosage to the right quantity. Anything between 20 mg to 50 mg can be a good quantity. 20 mg being for beginners and 50 mg for professionals who are used to the drug. However, you can increase it as well if you are experienced and need better results as compared to the current dosage.

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