If you’re looking for a gastric sleeve in Texas, try out 1st choice in Houston. Gastric sleeve surgery is among the safer options for taking care of extra weight, and it is a much better option than the gastric bypass procedure, which rearranges the small intestines. If you read further, you’ll find out why you may want to consider getting gastric sleeve surgery instead of going with one of the more traditional options.

If you’re looking to lose weight, and you think you can follow the guidelines easily, then you’re in luck. The weight you’ll lose with gastric sleeve surgery is the same or more than what you’ll lose with gastric bypass surgery. If you have excess weight, then you can expect to keep off 60-80% of the weight with gastric sleeve surgery. You will, of course, want to remember to avoid high-calorie drinks and foods afterwards.

Some of the advantages include the fact that your hospital stay is relatively short. However, you will be recovering for up to 6 weeks time. At first, you’ll only be able to eat liquids and pureed foods, but you can gradually add solid foods back into your diet. If you are prepared to be physically active and change much of what you eat, you are a good candidate for gastric sleeve in Texas, and we can help you with your surgery and recovery needs.

The procedure itself will take out most of your stomach, leaving only a small pouch shaped like a tube where the stomach was. Your new stomach will be about 10 times smaller than your old stomach, so you definitely won’t want to eat as much. You’ll also have changed hormones, and your levels of hunger and satiety will change, and also your blood sugar. It’s been shown that this surgery is as helpful as gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery is performed by making incisions into the abdomen and removing the stomach. The surgeons who perform gastric sleeve in Texas use a device to close up the stomach that staples it, and it is made stronger by tissue that absorbs the staples. The doctors at 1st Choice have more than 15 years of experience with this procedure, and none of their patients have leaked afterward. The surgery is relatively brief, which makes it better for patients.

After the surgery, you should be able to return to work in about 5-7 days. Of course, you’ll want to eat a liquid diet for a while, but within 4 weeks you should be able to return to your normal diet. There may be a bit of discomfort, but many patients note that they don’t feel any pain after about 2 days. So, what are you waiting for? If this is the surgery that can help you, we recommend getting in touch with 1st Choice today.


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