One of the biggest benefits of factory direct blinds is that there is no middleman to mark up the price. What this means is that home and business owners can buy more for less money. If you are looking for quality products at factory prices, then buying directly from the factory makes these window treatments a good investment. Here is a closer look at all of the benefits of factory direct blinds. 

Price and Value – There is more to value than just what an item costs. 

The “value” of an item goes beyond its price. While buying blinds from the factory rather than from store saves money, there are other positives that help to increase the “value” of your investment. Here are our three value-added reasons for buying blinds direct from the factory.

  1. Selection – Most retail stores carry a variety of the same type of products from many manufacturers, but not often all of the products that those manufacturers make. In the case of blinds, what you see in a retail showroom is generally a portion of the blinds that each manufacturer makes. When you buy from the factory, you have access to their entire line of products, especially custom sizes. 
  2. More Styles – You gain more styles of blinds when you work with the factory. Not only is the selection better, but the options for aesthetics is too. Retail stores stock their shelves based on local demographics. If you want a different type of blind then the most popular styles in your area, you might not find it in a local store. You can nearly always find what you need from the factory. Sometimes, they have options that the local store does not. Expect a wide and rich variety of faux wood blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, and mechanical blinds – in many colors and sizes. Don’t forget to ask about custom projects for window treatments for special windows. 
  3. Technology – Factories often have the latest technology such as motorized blinds. This is because they have to manufacture the product. You might find that you have access to cutting-edge blind technology when you shop directly at the factory for all of your window treatment. This also means that you might have access to some of the best fully automated window treatments too. 

Whether you are looking for the best price, the best selection or maybe just for something different, factory direct blinds bring value, added style, and greater design opportunities to every design project. What’s on your window design to-do list? 

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