London is not only one of the most culturally exciting cities but it is also one of the most romantic. Everything from tranquil walks in the park to a candlelit dinner in an internationally renowned restaurant can be found within the city limits. There are an abundance of places and activities that make for the perfect date. For instance, you can find yourself amongst the stars at the Royal Observatory, watching a film together on a sofa with a blanket at one of London’s luxurious cinemas, or even drinking wine on a river cruise. If you’re planning a romantic day in London, then here are some ideas!

Galleries and Museums

The city is full of fascinating and intriguing establishments. Many of them are perfect for a romantic day out. Some are also ideal for an evening, as late-night events in London are becoming more popular within galleries and museums.  For instance, the Barbican often stays open into the evening to offer private viewings for members and even the Sir John Soane Museum has special events allowing you to explore the grand designs during the twilight hours. Many of the art galleries, including the Tates, will also have live music with food and wine in the evenings, allowing you to make use of the great spaces for a date.

Places to Stay

London has a vast array of marvellous architecture. Whether you want to explore the streets or take a tour, there is plenty to learn about. However, you may not know that many of the buildings are available to stay in. If you want a romantic evening, you can find rooms in some of the city’s hotels, but there are even more options available through aparthotels. Many will also offer extra luxuries such as being serviced so you can stay in beautiful rooms, anywhere in the city, with total comfort. If you want to cuddle up in one of London’s beautiful, old buildings or experience the delights of its modern architecture then you can look for apart hotels London at LSA.

Food and Drink

London has many restaurants and fabulous places to eat. However, there are also plenty of wonderful cafes and coffee shops, perfect for a cool and casual first date. The Attendant is an espresso bar built in a converted London underground public toilet. Don’t let the location put you off, it’s a pristine and fascinating conversion that offers high-quality coffee and cake. There is also the London Review Bookshop Cafe, where you can enjoy speciality teas and delicious sweets while browsing shelves of books; a perfect date for a book lover!

A Walk in Nature

Even among the metropolis of the city, London hosts a collection of wonderful green spaces. You can take a romantic stroll through Avenue Garden at Regent’s Park or overlook the Royal Palaces from St. James’ Park. Alternatively, you could explore Hyde Park on horseback or even hire a boat and sail on Fairlop Waters!

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