Staying productive and efficient when it comes to your work routine isn’t just about scheduling or discipline. The overall efficiency of your office equipment definitely plays a part as well, so it’s important to make sure yours is up to snuff. The following are just a few suggestions to start with. 

  1. Keep movable equipment rolling smoothly.

Dollies, rolling racks, and other types of movable equipment definitely take the guesswork out of getting important items from one place to another, but only if they’re adequately mobile. Make yours more efficient by replacing old, broken wheels with high-quality heavy duty plate casters to nix sticking and catching.

  1. Supplement your storage space.

A cluttered desk is no place to get things done when it really counts. Keep mess to a minimum with simple, affordable storage solutions like baskets or stackable boxes. Compartmentalized inserts can help you keep your desk drawers organized and streamlined as well.

  1. Upgrade your chair.

Maintaining proper posture as you go about your business isn’t just important for your health. The better your posture and the higher your comfort level, the longer you’ll be able to focus without the distraction of achy joints or knotted muscles getting in your way. Replace your old office chair with one that’s ergonomically correct for an instant boost to your comfort and your productivity.

  1. Keep your cables and cords organized.

Knotted masses of cables not only make your office space feel messy, but they can add up to a fortune in wasted time over the long haul. Invest in a cable organizer to keep each one in its proper place no matter how hectic things get. Simplify the process of identifying each one with a few inexpensive labels. 

You might be surprised just how big of a difference small changes like these can make when it comes to your overall productivity level. Which ones will you be taking for a spin first?

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Michael Ali