As a professional, you have most likely already thought about the reputation of the company you work for. Whether at the time of the job interview, during its creation or even constantly if you are part of its management, communication or marketing team.

From now on, this reputation is played out on the Internet. More precisely, it is your customers who make or break your brand’s image by expressing themselves through social networks and review platforms. Unfortunately, your dissatisfied customers, driven by a strong negative feeling, are more likely to express themselves spontaneously than your satisfied customers, happy with your offer.

By proactively requesting customer reviews, you can free up the voice of your satisfied customers and, above all, transform your online presence into a reflection of the experience within your points of sale. Although different communication channels exist to support this approach, email has been the most popular for years.

A look at the advantages of the e-mail channel for your opinion gathering and the reasons why professionals renew their trust in it year after year.

Asset #1 : Simple, it is known by all generations

Generations Alpha and Z were born with it. Millennials grew up with it. Millennials’ parents figured out how to use it early on. Millennials’ grandparents are learning how to use it to keep in touch with their entire family.

The email channel is easy to use. Creating an account only takes a few minutes, and then the user quickly discovers that his main interface usually displays his unread emails first. A few clicks are then enough to view the message, reply to it or open a link that is shared in it. Ideal for consumers who are not comfortable with technology or who do not want to spend hours in front of a screen.

Email is also a chameleon. Since its creation, it has been able to adapt to all the new technologies that consumers have adopted: computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, connected objects, etc. It is thanks to this ability to adapt that it remains the preferred channel for sending promotions, sharing newsletters, verifying the identity of application users, etc. While applications and sites come and go (who remembers MySpace?), email remains a timeless digital communication channel. If it is not the favorite of the youngest, they know it and continue to use it.

Asset #2: Guardian of the continuity of exchanges, it reassures your customers

As we have just mentioned, email remains the preferred channel for brands to distill their important information to the greatest number of people. Promotions, product news, delivery information, customer support, or sales approach, the list is long. Email thus centralizes exchanges with the brand. It does not surprise. It is not too intrusive. Finally, it reassures the user who receives it if he identifies the same email address message after message.

Of course, there is a disadvantage to this omnipresence: your customers receive dozens or even hundreds of messages per day from their inbox. It’s up to you to make the difference, especially through a well-designed email subject line, to encourage them to open and read your request for advice. Also, email can be transformed into an excellent means of follow-up after an initial request from another communication channel: SMS, QR Code or even NFC technology for informed consumers.

Asset #3: Timeless, email is still innovative

If communication by email has become a must for the relationship between company and customer, it knows how to be innovative so as not to get bored. While continuing to focus on simplicity, it relies on the continuity of exchanges that allows it to thrive.

In terms of review collection, you could already send new emails automatically following a billing, delivery or check-out for the tourism sector. Now, Guest Suite offers you an even smoother and more engaging exchange through its Email Forward feature.

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