Daughters are sweet and delicate princesses, who certainly deserve to have a fairytale bedroom, where they can spend hour’s thinking about their prince charming! A fairytale bedroom would give your daughter a chance to delve into the magical world of fairytales- where she can use magic to get whatever she wants! Sounds interesting, right? So, don’t waste you time; your daughter is not going to be a little princess forever!

You can delight your daughter by giving her a fairytale bedroom either as a Birthday gift or Christmas gift! Designing a fairytale bedroom is not a tough task; you just need some careful planning- and the room will get ready without any hassle. Here are some tips that you can follow to design a fairytale bedroom:

  1. The fairytale bedroom covers lots of themes from castles, princesses, knights to lots of laces, frills and glitter! However, before zeroing on a theme, you need to figure out whether your daughter is going to like it or not! You may either take suggestions from her (if she is old enough to tell you) or go through magazines for to figure out what your little girl would really enjoy. 
  2. Firstly, you will need a new bed-set along with comforter, sheets and pillowcases. The bedding set may include a quilt that features a castle-motif, along with a fascinating hem which reflects the figures or shapes of castles and towers. You may also opt for bedding that contains lots of frills and laces- perfect for a small princess! The color scheme for the bed cover may be pink, purple, white or lavender. 
  3. The next step is to decide the color of the walls. You may either paint the walls with your daughter’s favorite color or cover them up with lively/vibrant wallpapers. Decorate the sides of the wallpaper with gorgeous pictures, decorative articles and other stuff. Bring more liveliness in the room by adding beautiful clocks, figurines, shelves and other wall hangings. You may even think about adding glitter to these pieces for increasing the glow of the room! 
  4. Now, come to the decoration of windows! You may think of hanging billow length of satiny cloth around the mural so that it looks like real drapes or purchase lacy/frilly curtains for adorning your window. Use glittery or fairytale themed fabric for decorating the window. Before deciding the window curtains think about window itself; you may have to do change old one with replacement aluminium windows if needed as aluminium windows not only looks great but also have many benefits. Main benefits of aluminium window frames are durability, strength, and improved thermal efficiency therefore your new windows will not only look flawless for many years but also help to minimize your energy bills by allowing your home to retain its warmth. 
  5. How can you forget to place a mirror in your princess’s room? After all mirror is the most important object that should be present in a girl’s room. It’s a simple fact that girls love to primp, whether young or old! You may think of putting a decorative or stylish mirror in her room, so that she can spend hours pampering herself in front of the mirror! 
  6. Lighten her room by using decorative lamp fixtures- in silver, gold or white! You an even create magical lampshades on your own by using gems, feathers, glitters, sparkle and gauzy fabrics.

So, your daughter’s fairytale bedroom is ready! I am sure that you daughter will simply love and appreciate the effort put by you!

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Daniel Quinn