You’ve probably been to oodles of trade shows and never seen exactly the same booth twice. But some come pretty close. In fact, as a professional trade show booth builder, it can be hard to explain to some exhibitors that their booths are just plain… boring. There are so many ways to integrate custom booth design that there is no reason to live with an unbranded, boring trade show booth.

To grab the attention of your target audience, you need more than a table with a banner and a tablecloth – and a few sample products. Your clients and prospects have seen more, so they expect more from you, too.

Here are a few tips to develop a custom booth design from a professional trade show booth builder.

Use Color Wisely in a Custom Booth Design

Overwhelming the visual senses of your target audience is not the goal. Your trade show booth is there to draw in clients and potential clients. Be careful how you use color – it matters.

For the most part, stay consistent with your current branding strategy’s color-coding. Keep the visuals consistent with what your visitors expect to see. A sudden shift from your brand’s colors creates a disconnect that can lose you visitors and potential sales. Work toward the concept of “brand recall” with your colors and other visual elements.

Smart Use of Technology

Everyone visiting your booth is well-acquainted with technology. And they expect your trade show booth builder to integrate appropriate technology into your display. Consider your message, your target audience’s expectations, and your competitors’ use of technology. Them, decide what technology is best to incorporate into your custom booth design.

Your trade show booth builder can integrate immersive technologies to add to attendee experiences and augment engagement. Interactive kiosks and touch screens in a trade show booth retain visitor attention, even when staff is busy with other prospects. Life-size screens work well for product demonstrations, and touch screen walls run videos or share content in innovative ways. Panoramic vision showcases photographs – especially useful for real estate, travel, hospitality, etc.

Organize Your Space with a Professional Trade Show Booth Builder

Your booth is only so big, so make the best possible use of every inch. Smart custom booth design factors in both what is inside the booth and where it is placed for maximum engagement and conversion potential.

Discuss with your trade show booth builder how these areas fit into your display space:

  • Reception
  • Demonstration
  • Meeting
  • Informal Discussion

Dedicated spaces for each purpose give booth visitors a sense of organization that supports your negotiation efforts.

In Summary

Working with an expert trade show booth builder to develop your custom booth design makes it far more likely that you’ll get it right. Discuss your branding strategy and your reason for attending the show in-depth. Make sure your designer knows if you are at the show to generate leads, make sales, launch a new product, or enhance brand recognition.

Draw in visitors with colors that support your brand strategy, a smart use of technology, and a well-organized space. Then, convert those visitors into customers for the long-term. Ultimately, they’ll recognize you at next year’s show as a loyal customer!



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