Whether the flood is due to seasonal spring thaw or is the result of an unexpected storm, it can devastate your home and severely damage or destroy your belongings. In some cases, you can anticipate a flood and minimize damage to property, but in the event of a hurricane or other storm, there is little time to do anything except get you and your family to safety. After the flood, when you return home, determining what can be saved is a difficult task.

Before returning home after a flood

After the flood, make sure it is safe to reenter your home and that you are dressed appropriately. The US Environmental Protection Agency also has guidelines on the first steps in flood cleanup. The dangers of allergens and microorganisms are very real when cleaning a flood-damaged home, so be sure to follow recommended safety procedures regarding protective clothing and cleaning solutions. Can you ignore the dangers (serpents, electricity, water, weak façade and floor)? It is always a smart move to call a professional company to restore water damaged property.

Rescue mattresses

Mattresses, rugs, and carpets have the same problem as upholstered. Due to the health problems of fungi and bacteria in a wet mattress, some experts recommend discarding any mattress that has suffered from flood damage of any kind. However, it may be possible to recover it if the mattress has been exposed to water for only a short time. Supporting the mattress on blocks to keep it above the ground will help to facilitate drying. A fan can also help speed up the drying process.

If you notice any musty odor, it is an indication of mold. Moldy mattresses should be handled by a professional to sanitize them properly. If the odor persists after cleaning, the mattress should be discarded. Unfortunately, if your carpet, mattress, and rug have been submerged or have been in water for a long time, there is no other option but to replace it. Mold growth is inevitable on a soggy mattress, and there is a risk that the mattress has absorbed contaminants that are dangerous to health.

It is best to call a professional damage restoration company to assess what can be saved and what not. We recommend hiring UCM Carpet Cleaning Weston.

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Recovered upholstered furniture

Furniture upholstered with fabric covers or fabric cushions can sometimes be salvaged, but most of the time it will be a total loss, especially if it is saturated with water. If there has only been a light flood and the furniture has not been in the water for long, start by separating upholstery fabrics and other colored items to prevent or stop any chance of color bleeding.

Restore slightly damaged wooden furniture

Furniture made from plywood or MDF is likely a total loss, it is usually possible to restore solid wood furniture unless it has suffered serious damage. Your solid wood furniture will need to be clean and dry at the very least.  With solid wood furniture, the first step is to clean and dry it so you can better assess the damage. Moisture in wooden furniture can also encourage mold and mildew growth, so drying it out is critical.

For solid wood furniture that has been slightly damaged, remove excess moisture by drying the wood. White mildew stains can be cleaned off with turpentine or a mixture of equal parts ammonia and water. Dry immediately. Slightly damaged veneers can be glued back together. Cream wood restorers with lanolin help restore the finish of wooden furniture.

Recover heavily damaged wooden furniture

For heavily damaged wooden furniture that has been exposed to water for a longer period of time, expedite drying by removing all parts that can be easily dismantled, including back panels, drawers and doors. Do not try to force the pieces together if they are stuck together. You can take them apart later, when the furniture is a little dry and the wood starts to shrink.

Clean up mud and dirt and dry the furniture in a ventilated place away from the sun. Avoid direct sunlight as it can cause the wood to warp. Be aware that wooden furniture can take weeks or even months to dry completely. Only when the wooden furniture is completely dry can you start repairing and painting.

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