You can only understand the hustles, trials, and tribulations that farmers go through by trying out a home garden at your backyard. From bad weather to weeds and pests, farmers go through a lot. Pest is one difficulty that most of the homeowners have to share with farmers. Common pests that we have to deal with from time to time include cockroaches, ants, spiders, rat, mice and even bigger versions pests like snakes and squirrels. The thing that differs when it comes to pests is the pest control methods. Also, there are many companies in the US specializing in pest control such as Green Pest Services. If you are considering controlling pests using homemade pesticides, you should consider one of the following products.

Tomato leaf pesticide
Tomato leaf pesticide is new to many people, but it works. For starters, the tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family meaning that it contains the important alkaloids required to kill pests and insects. The process for creating tomato leaf alkaline is quite simple. The process involves acquiring some tomato leaves preferably from the bottom part of the plant and soaking the leaves in water. You can soak the leaves in a bucket for a single night. Proceed by straining the plant material in the morning and spray the remaining liquid into your foliage. This method, however, works with controlling pests on crops but not in the household.

Chile pepper spray
This is a homemade pesticide that can be used in the household and for plants. In fact, it’s one of the strongest repellents there is for a variety of pests. This pesticide works well when made from Chile pepper powder or even from fresh hot peppers. This insecticide can be made by adding water to a tablespoonful of Chile pepper powder. To make the concoction work, consider adding a few drops of liquid soap into the mixture. Other than plants, this homemade pesticide can be used to control pests like ants and cockroaches in a household. If you decide to make the spray from fresh pepper, first boil the peppers, cool the resulting concoction and add the remaining ingredient of liquid soap. Take caution when dealing with hot pepper as it can be very painful at the wrong places such as the eyes. Also, ensure that children cannot access this pesticide. Treat it with the precaution that you treat other pesticides with.

Garlic Insecticide Spray
If you are constantly dealing with ants, flies, cockroaches and spiders, you may have found your best homemade pesticide. We all know the pungent smell associated with garlic and for this reason acts as a natural repellant. However, there is still debate whether the garlic spray and chile pepper spray are more of repellants than insecticides. Regardless of the classification, these two products are effective for dealing with pests. All said and done, these are just a few of homemade repellants as there are more. Other homemade pesticides include soap spray, neem oil insecticide, and oil spray pesticide. The onne you chose depends on your taste.

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