Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, similar to other places of business, have a standard for what is and what is not acceptable for dress and grooming. Patients expect their doctor to have a level of professionalism. At the same time, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals spend a good portion of their day on their feet. They’re walking and moving, and so they want their clothing to fit well. They want their clothing to fit comfortably. At the same time, they want their men’s or ladies lab coat to be attractive. No one wants to feel like they are wearing frumpy clothing 24 hours a day.

Some individuals who have had the experience working in the medical field have commented on the need to find clothing that fits right and that’s attractive, but that’s not exceptionally expensive. It’s understood that when working in the medical community and when working with patients, it’s likely that a person is going to have things spilled on them. Many recommend purchasing clothing that one does not mind throwing away in the unfortunate event of the clothing being covered in body fluids. Not like it something is going to happen every single day, but one would understand how disappointing it could be for a doctor or nurse to have their best clothing ruined.

One piece of the uniform that is especially important is the shoes. Since doctors and nurses spend the majority of their time on their feet, it’s important that they feel comfortable. Some studies have shown that medical professionals can walk up to six miles a day. One can imagine how terrible it would be answering questions from patients in a calm and relaxed way with feet that hurt so bad because of shoes that are too tight. While it’s not recommended to spend a lot of money on clothing, it is definitely recommended to spend money on shoes that fit right and feel comfortable.

There are things to consider with accessories. For example, most people in the medical profession wash their hands a lot. A waterproof watch will come in handy. It’s also good to have a watch that has a decent alarm because it’s likely that, especially in the beginning, those working in the medical community are going to be sleep deprived and sneak in naps here and there. The alarm will make sure that they don’t oversleep.

Clothing in the medical community needs to be functional, comfortable, and attractive. It also needs to transmit a feeling of dignity and respect.

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