Founders of BYJU’S devised a concept of online learning and created a platform that provides personalized online tutoring, interactive videos, a customized journey, and more. A lot of thought went into developing these comprehensive learning programmes, which were designed with conceptual clarity and visualization as key criteria. 

Using real-life examples, BYJU’S programs are intended to help students comprehend concepts at a pace that is suitable for them. BYJU’s owner and founder along with his team of creative and intellectual minds strive to provide students with unmatched individual attention while strengthening their fundamentals. 

Online Learning Via BYJU’S App 

The idea behind the team at BYJU’s is to bring together media experts, content creators, technology experts, marketers, and financiers to produce and promote world-class content. The company’s rise from an online test preparation company to a world leader in Edtech has been swift. It now offers programs for all age groups, including K10-Classes 1-12 for all state boards, CBSE and ICSE. In addition, UPSC, IAS, BANK EXAMS, NEET, JEE are also offered. It is also on track to launch programs concerning GATE exams in the near future. 

Another noteworthy feature is BYJU’S Classes – a comprehensive online tutoring program which includes online classes taught by the finest teachers in India with instant doubt clarification, and personalised attention from mentors.

How Legit are these Programmes 

Now the question arises, “How legitimate are these programs? Having launched in 2015, the app boasts more than 80 million students and over 5.5 million annual subscriptions. It is estimated that students from 1700+ cities spend an average of 71 minutes each day on the app, so the app provides a unique and interesting way of learning.

BYJU’S, like any other Edtech company, provides customized and practical learning experiences to students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. In addition to K-12 Mathematics and Science programs, the app provides engaging programs in Civics, History, and Geography for students. In addition, they offer authentic content for other competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, UPSC, or other banking exams.

The app provides a wide range of resources and videos to help prepare for the respective exams. Many people see the application as prohibitive given its cost, but BYJU’S have also offered a variety of payment options for customers.  A proprietary curriculum with live online instruction is also being offered by the company. This is called BYJU’S Future School.


In each of these courses, participants are encouraged to make use of their hands-on experience, get feedback in real time, engage in interactive and engaging lessons, and ensure that proven pedagogical methods and personalised instruction are supported. In BYJU’S, students develop a solid foundation by seeing concepts explained visually, eliminating rote memorization. By incorporating original data, interactive videos, and animations, this Edtech makes learning more visual, engaging, and contextual for students.

Online Learning Support by BYJU’S

The downside of online learning is that there are some drawbacks. The system has certain limitations. As part of its commitment to providing quality online learning, BYJU makes it a priority to reduce these issues. In order to assist students in learning at their own pace and style, the app offers customized feedback and detailed recommendations. Furthermore, parents can also track their child’s development and growth by using BYJU’s Parent Connect App.

Customers can reach out to BYJU’s team if they have any doubts, comments, complaints, or concerns regarding our learning programs. They will review and respond to such queries within 24 hours. This is the commitment that BYJU’S support makes to you. Any refund-related queries, product feedback, or any other concerns can be shared here, at the related portal online. The issue that you raise will be assigned a ticket. So, if ever you call the helpline number for the same inquiry, you can quote the same ticket number. 

BYJU’S is committed to addressing and resolving issues in the shortest amount of time. Each question you have is extremely valuable, and BYJU’S strives to resolve it through their support portal. Please direct any and all concerns towards this official portal.


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