Gunungkidul Regency in Yogyakarta is well-known for being a large karst area with many caves and underground rivers. Karst features are shown in several cliffy beaches and small islands nearby. That does not mean that Gunungkidul is devoid of the fabulous sandy beaches. Gunungkidul has many of them along its southern coast. Below are a few of the best sandy beach in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach, or also known as Pulang Sawal, is a quite accessible site. Around a kilometer long, Indrayanti is among the white sandy shore in Gunung Kidul. Aside from the ease of accessibility, Indrayanti is also supported with accommodation. Tourists have a whole lot of eating options as several restaurants offering seafood and carbonated beverages.

Siung Beach

Siung Beach is exceptional. It is not famous for its beautiful sandy shore, but mainly because this area is a heaven for rock climbing. The limestone cliffs around Siung Beach is an excellent wall for climbers from novices to experienced climber can get their spots here. If you want just to like the panorama, you can relax on the beach that faces the Indian Ocean.


Physically, Sadranan is very similar to Indrayanti Beach, and the size can be comparable. Sadranan has more abilities in the duration of pleasure activities. It is possible to snorkel here, and you can rent it even if you don’t bring your personal gear. The beach is swimmable throughout a serene season. You will get a notification for waves season, meaning you can enter the waters, just the beach.


Sundak Beach has large waves in contrast to other beaches. There are limestone cliffs on each side of the beach, which makes Sundak feels like secluded heaven that is hidden. You definitely can’t swim during the big waves, but Sundak provides more than waters and snowy sand. You can camp, enjoying the night with fresh fish from local fishermen. Your stay will surely be peaceful, As there are not many individuals here.

Pok Tunggal

Pok Tunggal beach got its name from a lone Duras tree. This beach has a great sunset view and is a great camping ground. Additionally, there are many restaurants nearby in case you don’t bring your own food.

Overall, Gunungkidul has many great beaches, either with white sand or not. And since many of the beaches here are secluded, fantastic camping grounds are made by them. Exploring Gunungkidul shore could be excellent if you consider there are that cliffy shore with cable cars.

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