A lush and healthy lawn is essential for your property’s appeal and value. At the same time, you will improve the overall appearance of your household and value, while your family will have the ability to enjoy along the way.

Similarly,like any other maintenance task, lawn care requires proper planning and preparation, especially if you wish to keep it appealing along the way. After checking here, you will learn the importance of having a healthy lawn in your backyard

In this guide, we will inform you how to take proper care of your lawn and ensure its condition throughout the year.

Spring Tips

You should know that spring is a season when your lawn requires maximum attention, especially since it endured winter and its harsh conditions. In spring, things you do will determine whether your property will look healthy or unhealthy in the next few months.


The lawn will get a greener color as soon as winter ends, but you should avoid using fertilizer from the very start. According to experts, you should wait until it grows before fertilizing it.

The main reason is that roots will store enough carbohydrates from the last fall and facilitate them during the early spring. The general rule states that you should implement fertilizer after the plant exhausts its resources.

For best results, we recommend you to choose light or organic, slow-release fertilizers to ensure you do not burn weakened lawn, especially after severe winter. At the same time, liquid tonics and feeds are better than granular options due to fast absorption.

If you are not sure which fertilizer is the most appropriate to use during spring, we recommend you talk with a professional lawn care service for advice.

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It is vital to water your lawn approximately an inch a week. If the tool goes in quickly, the lawn is not dry. The soil will feature enough moisture during the spring, and you can determine its consistency by digging into the ground.

Besides, if you live in an area with regular rainfall, we recommend turning your sprinkler system. Generally, overwatering your lawn will drown its roots while encouraging weed growth.

During this time, plants will grow more, while the roots will be deeper, which is handy because you should water them during hot and dry summer days.


You should know that overseeding is the process of replenishing grass by scattering seeds all over it. Spring is the perfect moment to overseed, especially if you wish to use turf grasses that will grow faster than other options.

Still, you can find people who disagree on whether it is more effective to overseed turfgrass during a cold season instead of spring. New seeds tend to grow shallow roots, while the high temperatures cause photorespiration. We are talking about a process in which a plant uses more energy than it creates.

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Since the lawn has warm-season turfgrass, you should overseed it during the spring season. Of course, under ordinary circumstances, you should overseed it two times a year unless your lawn suffered significant damage during cold winter days and nights.

Pest Control

Since the spring will warm the soil, bugs and earthworms will emerge in the upper levels, while moles will also return. They are pests throughout the spring, fall and summer.

According to experts, household owners can place a harpoon trap in the central tunnel and toxic bait shaped as a gummy-worm. You can choose other methods depending on your needs and requirements. However, the best time to create mole traps is during the spring before they start building tunnels.

Weed Control

Crabgrass and other weeds will start to germinate during the late spring and reach the entire stage in the summer. However, you can eliminate and curb their presence. It would be best if you got a pre-emergent herbicide for the process.

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