Have you heard of the new sports craze that is sweeping the nation? Pickleball is a competitive sport without the heavy physical exertion required in other racquet games. If you know the benefits, it can improve both mental and physical health.

If you want to get fit, then pickleball may just be for you. Read on for our five benefits of playing pickleball.

1. Weight Loss

When you play pickleball, the physical activity involved can help you burn calories. While it is softer and gentler, requiring less high-intensity speed bursts, it still delivers a great aerobic exercise. Movement around the small court also gets your muscles moving, building strength and mobility.

This makes it a great game for anyone who does not want to put stress on the joints. This could be the elderly, or anyone who is recovering from an injury or operation.

2. Mental Health

Exercise is known to improve the mental health and mood of people who take part. As the blood pumps, endorphins are released into the body making you happier. This can alleviate depression.

In addition, you get to be a lot more social, meeting new people who play the game. As you get fitter, you can expect a boost in confidence adding to your whole positive outlook.

3. It Requires No Big Financial Outlay

Many physical activities cost a lot of money. You have to buy the correct equipment, clothing, and even safety gear in some instances. All of this cost begins to mount up, particularly if you have to replace the items when they wear out.

All a pickleball game requires is a paddle, which can be bought in a range of prices. Then you need a good pair of court or tennis shoes, an understanding of the pickleball rules, and you can begin.

4. Improves Balance and Agility

Pickleball keeps you moving and thinking at the same time. As you build core strength, your control, stamina, and footwork will improve as well. All of this contributes to a better sense of balance.

A pickleball moves much slower most types of competitive sports balls. This allows you to turn and twist at a reasonable pace, increasing your agility without the risk of injury.

5. You Get Social

Pickleball can be played in singles or doubles games. With clubs and associations springing up all over, this opens you to a whole new social circle. You will meet new people, forging new friendships, and perhaps even making some pickleball rivals!

Once you start having fun with new people, you will soon realize that the game itself is not even the main draw. You will be having fun, laughing, and talking to a whole new social circle.

Find a Group for Playing Pickleball

Now you know the benefits of playing pickleball, check your local areas for groups and teams. You may be able to go down to try the game out and see if it is for you. You may just find it is your new favorite hobby.

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