Bookworms are a rare thing these days. Sure, there are people that read when they HAVE to. Or, if you think about it, people read all of the time. Like right now. But this article isn’t exactly a literary classic. However, if you know an avid reader, you might need a few gift ideas to bestow upon the bookworm you love.

Gift Cards to Book Stores and Literature Sites

Ah, book stores—a sanctuary and safe haven for book lovers from everywhere. Unfortunately, book stores are few and far between because so many people either hate to read for fun or prefer to snag all of their reading entertainment from online sources. Which is fine, but book shops are the nostalgic security blankets that all bookworms cherish. So, grab a gift card for a mainstream book store. Or, ask about certificates at a small-town, family-owned book shop. You could even get a gift card for their favorite literature sites or book-buying places, like Amazon.

Books, Books, and More Books [Pick a Genre]

Every bookworm has a preferred genre or niche that they love to read. For some, science fiction fits the bill. For others, horror hits the mark. And, for many, a combination of all the genres makes a great read. Find out your loved one’s favorite genre and run with it. Pay attention to what they have and have not read, then invest in lots of books that they can read—one right after another, in their spare time.

A Reliable Booklight

The worst part about reading at night is the lack of light. Sure, you could invest in an e-reader, but that takes some of the fun out of flipping pages. However, when you sleep next to someone, you don’t want to wake them with a bright light in the bedroom. For your bookworm, buy a really great, reliable, clip-on booklight. Or, if clip-on is too close for comforts, there are dim, touch-on booklights that bookworms can stick to the wall above their bed for easier nighttime reads without disturbance. Be sure to get some custom stickers and make a cool DIY bookmark to go with it.

Books are fantastic things that take readers on adventures, explorations, and fun jaunts through the imaginations of others. And there is nothing quite like flipping the pages of a good book late into the evening. If you’re at a loss as to what to gift your beloved reader, take to heart the aforementioned suggestions and come up with your own wonderful present.


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