Testopel testosterone pellets are sanctioned for testosterone replacement therapy for certain conditions in adult males. Testopel is effective to treat men who suffer from low or no testosterone levels due to aging. Androgens are known as steroids that are responsible for developing and maintaining primary as well as secondary male sex characteristics. Testosterone belongs to this class. Endogenous androgens are liable for the regular growth and evolution of prostrate, scrotum, penis, seminal vesicles and the growth of men’s hair distribution, like beard, chest, pubic hair and axillary hair. It is also effective for vocal cord thickening, laryngeal enlargements, fat distribution and changes in body musculature.

Testosterone pellets are shaped like cylinders having a diameter of 3.2 mm and is about 9mm in length. Eachpellet weighs close to 78 mg and isarranged for implantation. Testopel pellets inserted under the skin work to intensify low testosterone levelsin men for 3 to 4 months, and sometimes till 6 months. The pellet is inserted either under the fatty area of the lower abdomen or the hip. Among the biggest benefits of Testopel implant is that a single process of implant offers long-terms impacts of testosterone for nearly 6 months.

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The cost of these pellets rests on the amount of pellets that need to be implanted and how often. Moreover, Testopel gets coverage from insurance companies when they are suggested for medically sanctioned testosterone treatments but do not cover when the pellets are used for bodybuilding purpose. Each pellet constitutes nearly 75 mg of testosterone and the pellets are naturally implanted in multiples of two, which means a couple of pellets contain 150 mg of testosterone, four pellets contain 300 mg testosterone and six pellets constitute 450 mg testosterone. Implants that supply 450 mg dosage of testosterone costs under $1000. For one implant the average cost is $100.

Dosage recommendation

The suggested doses differ depending on the users’ age and the diagnosis of the patient. Dosage is accustomed based on the response. The recommended dosage for replacement therapy for men suffering from a shortage of androgens is 150mg to 450mg intravenously for 3 to 6 months. For treating pubertal changes some experts have suggested to begin with a lower dose then gradually increase the dosage when puberty increases. While others have advocated that high doses are required to encourage pubertal changes and then can be transferred to lower doses for maintenance post puberty. The skeletal and chronological ages should always be taken into consideration.

Recommended dosage for delayed puberty is administered in a lower range and for a duration stretching from 4 to 6 months. The number of pellets inserted under the skin depends upon nominal daily necessities of testosterone propionate which is determined by a slow decrease of the amount administered parentally. For 25mg testosterone propionate, 75mg pellets are required on a weekly basis. When the patients require 75mg injections weekly, then it is necessary to implant 6 pellets of quantity 450mg. With injections of 50mg weekly, implantation of 4 pellets may suit for nearly 3 months. When lower requirements of injections are required then pellets of little amounts may be implanted.

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