If you work with chemicals or hazardous materials, you need the right  items to help ensure your items are contained. There are many different safety supplies you need. One of the items that you should own if you use storage drums or tanks is a portable containment unit. Here are a few of the benefits associated with this product.

Provides Incidental Spill Control

One of the major benefits associated with a portable containment unit is that it provides incidental spill control. You can place your storage drums or tanks on the deck. From there, they can be filled up or the items contained inside can be unloaded. If any of the material inside happens to leak, spill or seep out, the deck helps to catch the material. This helps to keep your warehouse or industrial space safe for your employees. If any material is spilled, the deck can be cleaned later on to help remove the material, which is much easier to clean than your warehouse or industrial flooring.

Can Be Used for Wash Downs

Another benefit associated with a portable containment unit is that the unit can be used for wash downs. Your storage drums or tanks may need to be cleaned after they are used and before new items can be added to the tank. But if they contain chemicals, toxins or other environmentally-controlled items, you can’t simply taking them outside and hose them down. You have to contain the run-off and properly dispose of the toxins and the water that was used to wash or rinse the barrels, drums or tanks out. A portable containment unit allows you to do just this.

Is Portable

The last benefit associated with a portable containment unit is that these units are portable. There are various containment units on the market that serve similar functions as a portable one. However, they are larger and heavier. A portable unit is lightweight, allowing you to easily move it wherever you need it in your warehouse or industrial space. Most businesses need the flexibility of having at least one or two portable units, and a portable containment unit provides that flexibility. This allows you or your employees to conduct many different tasks in various parts of your work space.

Having the right products helps you to contain the chemicals or materials that you are working with at all times. This helps to ensure the safety of your employees and helps to protect the environment from chemical run-off. A portable containment unit is one of the industrial safety supply items that you should consider purchasing if you do not already have and use them.

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