There are many people who are still confused as to what PPI is, whether they have PPI or not, and how to know more about filing for a PPI claim. Filing for PPI claim has become much easier these days due to the court order, and banks are supposed to file the claim and pay back the amount due without any hassles.

However, the key fact is that the procedure to file for claim should be duly followed. One has to make sure that they get the documents in order and file the claim following all the guidelines set by the bank.Image result for Some Key Facts about Making a PPI Compensation Claim

Here are a few things that everyone needs to know about PPI compensation claim if you want to make sure that you are not rejected during the compensation claim process –

  • If you have been mis-sold PPI claims, you will not just have to show the paperwork but also proof that it was mis-sold to you in some way. This is the hardest part.  But, with the right guidance and the right evidence, it is not impossible.
  • It is important to act fast in order to get your PPI compensation claim. There are talks about introducing a PPI compensation claim deadline and you do not want to miss it in any case. If you have already received a letter telling you about the mis-sold PPI and asking you to claim it, you need to file for a claim within 3 years.
  • Not everyone has the time and knowledge about making PPI compensation claim. Even calculating the compensation claim you deserve can be a bit complicated. This is why it is important to take help of to make sure that you are getting the money you deserve.
  • There is no need of hiring a professional if you want to make a claim yourself. But, chances of making a successful claim are much higher if you hire a reputed PPI compensation claims company.

These are the few key facts about PPI you need to know, which would make things easier for you to file for compensation claim.


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