Marble is the best flooring option that creates a very shiny look in your house. You may have constructed a new house, or, you are trying to renovate the floor. In both these situations, you can rely on this natural stone for creating the floor surface. However, to keep up the pristine look of each of the marble pieces, you have to clean the floor rightly. Lots of homeowners hire a professional team for polishing the marbles. While you like to deal with the cleaning task in your own way, you must learn the technique.

Guide to buy the marbles

Marble is available in a variety of colors. Most of the buyers focus on these colors (black, brown, beige, green, white, pink and red) for choosing the slabs. However, in addition to the color, the users have to check out the resilience of the stone. The marble, to be used for floor, should be durable.

There are several other qualities to be tested. The sealant is used for the artificially coated stones to retain the color. You should also check the dimension and thickness of the marble slabs.

Common marble using mistakes

You must avoid making mistakes while using the marbles. Acidic and alkaline products are not right for marbles. You must not leave oil, juice or any other liquid on the surface for a longer time. These liquids can cause stains on the marbles.

Let’s now see the tips on how to polish marble.

Cleaning the marbles in the right way

Using the sealer

While you are using a sealer, the liquid must not penetrate the marble. For the purpose of sealing, you may use the stones, like travertine and soapstone. These stones have the capability of absorbing the stain and liquid instantly. The marble surface will also stay safe.

Polishing the marble stone

This step helps in decreasing the rate of absorbency and restores the stone’s original color. You may also hire professionals for this process.

Cleaning the spills instantly

Marble may easily get stained. Juices, coffee, wine and other products can stain the surface. While you have spilled on the marble, you have to make sure that it is cleaned at that moment. It prevents the surface from becoming dull.

Dusting the marbles

To remove the loose dirt, you may use your vacuum cleaning system.

Thus, use the above information to deal with your marble floors. Our simple tips will keep your marbles clean all the time.


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