Millions of people place bets on sporting activities each year. The volume of wagers rises during popular sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, Superbowl Final, and the NBA playoffs.

Many bettors only place wagers on one sport, believing it is better to specialize than bet on multiple sports. Is this the correct approach?

Facts and figures

Now that bettors can bet online in several US states, many opt to bet on more sports events than ever before. However, they find that successful sports betting is about far more than luck alone. Making successful picks requires in-depth research and statistical analysis to determine the likely winner. Nevertheless, extraneous factors on the day could derail a bet and cause a loss.

Detailed knowledge of the sport in question is essential to make informed betting choices. Even so, deciding on a bet after a night spent mastering the art of partying is unlikely to result in a substantial win. It requires balanced and deliberate forethought, and bets placed on a whim do not always yield the desired result. 

What the experts say

Once you start placing a string of winning bets on a particular sport, it might be time to start considering branching out. Most seasoned bettors advise newcomers to focus on becoming consistent winners in one sport before moving on to another. However, retain one sport as your specialty and continue betting on it to create a steady revenue stream while you experiment.

If you are starting as a sports bettor, consider the upcoming NBA 2022 season to cut your teeth. Start with small bets after conducting thorough research. Study pre-season games, historical factors that led to wins, and draft picks, including amateur track records.

Using available resources

Advanced technology means that you no longer need to examine statistics manually. Internet information and complex algorithms help you calculate the viability of a bet and whether you stand to win big. Use these tools to your advantage as they take the emotion out of betting and turn it into a precise science, barring something unexpected.

Most bettors specialize in one sport but do not object to dabbling in others. The only way to ensure a massive win is to take a risk on a game. Even experienced bettors believe that sometimes they need to follow their gut instincts. However, be prepared for your bet backfiring and do not wager more than you can afford to lose.

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