Are you looking for upgrading your old Ford Figo with your new one in Bangalore? Are you looking for a place to sell you old car and confused about its buyers? The perfect way is online selling of used Ford Figo in Bangalore through web portals like Truebil.

In today’s technological world, you must be accustomed with buying all the stuff online but when it comes to buying car online, people sometimes get scared because they fear from putting high amount of their money at risk online. But sites like Truebil have proved their utility over time. And in recent times, has attracted a huge potential sellers and buyers towards itself.

You can easily sell your Ford Figo online and you won’t need to go to different places to get the valuation of your car done.

At residence valuation

The most difficult task about selling an old car is getting its valuation done. With Truebil, it’s no more a difficulty as, if you inform them about your interest in selling through them, they will send their team of experts to your residence at a time of your convenience and they will take 30 plus professional photos to post on the website and the expert engineers will see the technical condition of your car and put the overview about it along with your car’s price and photos on the website. The buyers will browse it there and show their interest

Buyer and seller can meet

The unique feature of this website is that they allow the buyer and the seller to meet with each other and they can even negotiate the price of the car and the buyer can have a test drive of the car. So it will be a very satisfying experience for both the seller and the buyer of the car.

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