MightyMite offers those living in and around San Jose termite control services that are professional and effective. In today’s blog, we discuss some of the hidden guests that may tag along when we pick up items from flea markets, second-hand stores, or along the curb.

A Market with More Than Fleas

None of us like unwanted guests. We’re not just talking about those who overstay their visit, but also those we never planned to invite in the first place. The recent do-it-yourself craze with decorating and home improvement has brought many people to flea markets, second-hand stores, and similar venues as they search for that perfect piece to place in their living room. Others grab free furniture items that have been left along the curb. If you’re not careful, however, you might not see the freeloaders lurking within as you carry that nightmare of a nightstand into your house.

To avoid bringing drywood termites into your home, carefully inspect any used furniture you plan to purchase. Look for obvious damage, wings, and fecal pellets. Isolate the item until you can thoroughly examine it for the presence of these pesky guests before bringing it indoors. One infested item may host a termite colony that quickly spreads.

Unwanted Guests Visit Fancy Places, Too

Termites find their way into many places we may not expect them. Museums large and small have learned this the hard way. When a pioneer family contacts the local historical museum to donate heirlooms stored away in the shed, many smaller institutions with limited staff and resources gladly grab the chairs and table, placing them front and center in the gallery. Unless these items were isolated and inspected first, a colony of drywood termites might also enjoy free admission to the museum. Soon, they may spread their wings and swarm throughout the museum’s wood-based collections, quietly causing irreparable damage.

Last July, tents covered the intricate architecture of the Lightner Museum in Saint Augustine, Fla. Built by railroad magnate Henry Flagler in the late 1880s, the former Alcazar Hotel serves as the home of this museum and as Saint Augustine’s city hall. Over 90,000 square feet in size, this building on the National Register holds a variety of artifacts, including many from the Gilded Age. It also became a residence for termites. The city paid approximately $385,000 to fumigate the structure to remove the termites, quite a large sum.

Concerned about Termites? We Can Help

Whether in the structural woodwork or the building’s contents, termites cause damage. If left untreated, the damage continues and the costs escalate. Throughout San Jose termite control inspections and treatments by MightyMite bring peace of mind. If you live within Northern California’s Bay Area, please contact us today to schedule a free inspection.


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