Clenbuterol is fat burning medicinal tool. IT can be consumed in the form of liquid or pills. One can consume it any form and it shws the results effectively. Clenbuterol is basically a Hydrochloride compound, which acts as a thrmogenic. It raises the temperature of the body and causes increase in the metabolism of the body. Thus, it helps burn fat. Most of the athletes prefer Clenbuterol over other medicines since it is a non-steroid. The basic function of the Clen is to act as nasal decongestant. It is also popularly known as broncho-dilator. It raises the glucose level and blood pressure in the body, the congestion feeling which is caused by blocked air passages in the lungs are released by the flight and fight reactions in the body.

Understanding Clen

The nasal decongestant acts as a perfect thermogenic on the body and melts the fat around the organs. The Clen acts on the hormones of body which are responsible for causing the fat layers around the organs. Thus, the biggest concern is how to take the Clen in proper and safe usages. The pills do produce side-effects for short span of time or when consumed for long period may cause severe side-effects too. Thus, consuming the pills with avoiding side-effects and in right dosage is important. The dosage has to be changed from time to time, since body adapts to the medicine and its efficacy is reduced. To speak in rough terms, the dosage must be increased periodically and it cannot be fixed to one dosage for long time.

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How to use Clen safely?

Regardless of who is consuming the pills, whether a veteran user or the first time user of the pills, the initial doses for first three weeks is less. Initially, the doses for men are 40 mcg per day and for women it is 20 mcg per day. The variation in the dose is because of the body type. Women tend to have more fat settlement is around the stomach, buttocks or thighs and less around the organs. While for men, it is in more around the organs and comparatively less along the buttocks and thighs. The dosages vary in terms of stamina too. However, one can use according to their physician guidelines. Find out more here.

The best period of the day to consume the Clenbuterol is in the mornings. The difficulty in sleep patterns, aggravated mood swings andlack of interest in sexual activity may result by consuming the pills at night. Hence, to adjust the pattern of the body, it is essential to consume it early in the day. One must remember that a good diet, exercise and lots of water consumption are most essential requirements while taking Clenbuterol. Since, Clen causes the feeling of nausea and dry mouth, it is essential to have a good breakfast before consumption. While using your first doses, monitor the changes in your body and if the side-effects seem severe, consult your doctor immediately for treatment and low dosage of Clen. Studies on the Clen pills, have shown that women tend to react more quickly to the change in dosage than men.

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