Many people think that towing does not require special knowledge. However, this is not the case. The rules for towing vehicles are clearly spelled out in the traffic rules. We will talk in detail below.


  • When towing in the dark, side lights must be on on both vehicles.
  • At any time of the day, drivers must turn on the dipped beam and fog lamps.
  • It is not allowed to move at a speed exceeding 50 km / h.
  • The towing line must be taut. Otherwise, it may break off during a jerk. In addition, a vehicle that is being towed can hit a rope lowered to the ground.
  • The distance between the two cars must be kept within 4-6 meters. In the case of using a rigid hitch, this distance cannot be more than 4 meters.
  • It is necessary to fasten the clutch diagonally (that is, if the cable clings to the rear left side of the towing vehicle, then this cable must accordingly be fixed to the right side of the towed vehicle).


  • An emergency stop sign must be attached to the bumper.
  • The key must be inserted into the ignition lock. Otherwise, the car cannot be driven.
  • Particular attention should be paid to descents. If the rope sags, the driver must brake the car with the handbrake.
  • Act quickly and clearly when cornering. Do not allow a third vehicle to wedge into the free space.


  • Brake as little as possible. At the same time, you need to switch the speed mode very quickly.
  • If the driver is forced to stop, he is obliged to inform the driver of the towed vehicle. This can be done with headlights or simply by hand signaling.
  • When cornering, grasp as much of a radius as possible.


  • It is forbidden to tow the vehicle with a flexible hitch on a slippery road.
  • Do not pull a car with a trailer or several vehicles at the same time.
  • The law prohibits towing a vehicle with faulty brakes or a weight that exceeds the weight of the tractor.
  • It is not allowed to pull mopeds or other two-wheeled vehicles.
  • As far as the motorcycle is concerned, it can only be towed after attaching a side trailer.
  • The driver will have to pay a fine for towing in poor visibility conditions.
  • The total hitch length of two vehicles must not exceed 22 meters.


Move the gearbox to N.

Before starting to tow, make sure that there is sufficient transmission fluid in the box. Top up if necessary.

Before driving, the oil needs to be slightly warmed up, especially in the cold season.

While driving, monitor the temperature of the box itself. If it gets very hot, the movement should stop for a while.

Stick to speed limits. It is prescribed for each model individually. Often, for a three-speed gearbox, the maximum speed is 35 km / h, and for a four- and five-speed gearbox, it is 50 km/h.

Experienced drivers and mechanics recommend using a rigid hitch. It allows you to avoid sudden jerks and braking, which can lead to a breakdown of the automatic transmission.

It is better not to use cars with automatic transmission as a towing vehicle, since in this case the transmission will overheat.

Only by strictly adhering to the described instructions, the motorist will be able to tow the car to the right place and at the same time keep it intact.

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