It is common for students to feel some stress during the exams. However, when it comes to IIT JEE, it seems that students tend to feel extra stress and anxiety. Well, this is mainly because the expectations are higher, the level of competition is more intense and the overall difficulty level of the exam. JEE is a challenging and tough exam to crack.

Despite the grim reality, candidates need to cope with stress if they want to succeed in the exam. The good news though is that clearing JEE can be easy if aspirants have a reliable and effective preparation strategy. Instead of getting intimidated by the exam, candidates can become confident and plan smartly. They can further work out a proper strategy, and it will help in overcoming stress easily. In other words, candidates can have an effective JEE exam 2020 preparation, and they will be able to perform excellently in the exams.

Remove All Unnecessary Stress

Most of the time, students tend to take unnecessary stress and pressure. This is mainly because of their thinking pattern. They worry and think of a negative future, which causes them to panic, and all these will result in a bad performance in the exam. Candidates should remove all the factors or sources that cause stress immediately.

Be Focused On Your Goals

During JEE preparation if candidates feel any pressure or stress, then they should realize why they are writing the exam. They should focus on the benefits of clearing the exam and remind themselves constantly that their struggle is worth something in the end. Focusing on the goals will help alleviate stress and candidates can study more productively for the exams.

Analyze You Mistakes And Weak Areas

Another effective way to beat stress is to analyze the mistakes that aspirants are committing and work on improving them. Candidates should also identify their weak areas, whether it is in time management or poor math fluency or bad memory amongst others. They should put an extra effort to rectify their shortcomings, and when they do that they will develop higher confidence to appear for the exam.

Look At Stress As A Good Thing

While this may sound absurd, but the easiest way to beat stress is to look at it as a better option. The amount of stress that candidates feel should encourage them to work harder, and it will ultimately help them achieve better results in the exams. This should also result in increased productivity.

Activities To Relieve Stress

When candidates feel more stress and overburdened while studying, then they can take periodic breaks in between. They can engage in several activities that will help them de-stress. Aspirants can do some yoga or go for a walk, listen to music, exercise, eat good food, and they can basically do what they like even take a power nap. They do not need to study for hours and hours. Rest and being healthy, both physically and mentally, is crucial for all students.

In essence, during JEE preparation, candidates should always remain motivated and have the zeal to do well in order to achieve their desired result. Apart from these tips, candidates should also be familiar with the JEE exam. They should develop a clear idea of the things like the JEE exam pattern, mode of exam, essential dates, JEE Main cut off marks, etc. Knowing these small pieces of information will help candidates to develop an even more effective study plan.

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