If you are interested in silver handicraft yogyakarta, Kotagede is the place you’re looking for. Kotagede is one of the sub-districts located in the heart of Yogyakarta, which is well known as the best craft producing area in Yogyakarta. Here you can find the best silver handicraft in terms of material quality as well as in terms of artistic value.

The art of forging, carving, and forming silver into various forms have been occupied by the people of Kotagede for a long time from generation to generation. Silver handicraft products from the works of craftsmen in Kotagede are well known to the international world, because many silver handicrafts are already exported. Therefore, silver handicraft yogyakarta shop in Kotagede will give you the best silver handicrafts as souvenirs when you come to Yogyakarta. But how to choose silver handicrafts? This is some tips you can follow to help you in choosing silver handicraft.

  • Decide What Type of Handicraft You Want

When you select silver handicraft, you will need to specify the type of handicraft you are looking for. There are many types of handicraft that you can get such as ornaments, decoration, accessories, sculptures, frames, and much more. When you know what type of handicraft you are looking for, choosing silver handicraft becomes easier.

  • Decide The Size of The Handicraft You Want

After determining the type of handicraft, you also need to specify the size you want. In addition to adjusting the size to taste, determining the size will also determine the price of the handicraft. After determining the size and type of handicraft, you can start choosing between handicrafts that are ready.

  • Decide Silver Purity Level

When you have started selecting handicrafts, you need to choose also the level of silver purity used to make the handicraft. The level of purity of silver will affect the beauty of the handicraft you want, also affect the price. Determining the purity of silver will be very important when choosing a silver handicraft.

  • Decide The Frills

Some types of handicrafts are not only made of silver, but also have additional decoration to beautify the handicraft. When you choose a silver handicraft, you need to know which handicraft is suitable for an additional decoration, which handicraft is more suitable for pure silver only. This is especially important in choosing a silver handicraft in the form of ornaments and accessories.

  • If You Do Not Find A Suitable Finished Product, Make A Custom Made Order

When you select a silver handicraft but do not find a custom choice, you can order custom made handicraft. When ordering custom made handicrafts, you can specify your own shapes, sizes, additional decorations, carvings, and various other specifics according to taste. But usually custom made reservations will keep you waiting for a few days. Therefore you need to be more patient to get handicraft you want.

The silver handicraft yogyakarta marketKotagede not only presents silver handicrafts to be sold here. You can also find agate, hand crafted from leather and many more. Visiting Kotagede is not complete if you do not go around to see this silver center.

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