The drug of Duromine 15 mg is literally phentermine, which you cannot buy without prescription and for dietary help. You can use this for short period if you want to lose some weight. There are eating plans which you can accompany with the medicine, and it is important to exercise as well.

All about Duromine dosage

The size we are in concern with, in this article – Duromine 15 mg, is not the only one in the market. There are 30 mg and 40 mg tablets to buy. However, you need to know what would benefit you. It is best to consult a doctor as he will be the right judge for you. You will have to see your doctor to get a prescription for the dosages, so it is better to consult.

Losing weight with the drug

Everyone wonders how long it takes to lose weight before trying out a supplement. However, the answer varies from person to person. People consuming drugs will see side effects within 7 days, and for some it would take a little more.

Taking pills in the morning helps you curb your appetites and you feel like lasting through your day. Sometimes you could come across unsuccessful stories which didn’t work. At these times, you should talk to your doctor and know why it isn’t working.


How much weight can you lose?

When you read success stories of this medicine, you will mostly come across stories where people have lost 1 – 3 kilos every week. But there are some factors that determine this, and that includes:

  • Sensitivity to drug
  • Diet
  • BMI
  • Physical activities
  • Diseases

Usually, consumers have the maximum supplement quantity in their initial weeks. The amount becomes steady after that period and then they have doctors commenting and recommending the drug level.

Side Effects

This medicine doesn’t guarantee any side effect. If there are some, they’d be mild and they would also reduce with time. There can be side effects that you experience with this medicine, and they are:

  • Insomnia
  • Dried mouth
  • Headache
  • Lethargy
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Dizziness

There can be some rarer cases like chest pain, fatigue, breathing problems and palpitation. Ask your doctor what you should do, when you experience these problems.

Tenure of consumption

This medicine is usually consumed for 1 month, but it can depend on your goal to fitness. Sometimes the results differ according to how long you consume it. You must abide by the prescribed time and not set your own rules. The price of the product would be about $3 per pill.


People suffering from any heart disease, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure, should not consume Duromine 15 mg. People with mental health conditions like depression and anorexia are also not asked to consume this! Pregnant women should definitely not consume this. Remember, your doctor will see your overall health condition and prescribe the drug to you.

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